The Top 100 Works of Fiction

The Top 100 Works of Fiction. By Mr Plattes.

Any list of the ‘top’ 100 works of fiction is merely subjective. The contents of such a list depends on the tastes and erudition of its compiler.

To give you somewhat of an insight into my background, and thus my selections, by profession I am a keeper of a fine library and special collections devoted to the earth sciences. In my personal life, I am an avid reader and collector of, almost solely, works of fiction. …

See the article for the list and a supplementary list. Here are the first ten:.

Rank Year Author Title
1 -500 Homer The Iliad
2 -500 Homer The Odyssey
3 1925 F.Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby
4 1280 Njal’s Saga
5 1605 Cervantes Don Quixote
6 1245 Laxdaela Saga
7 1300 Ehrbyggja’s Saga
8 1220 Egil’s Saga
9 -1200 Gilgamesh.
10 700 Beowulf

Postscript by David Archibald:

I am privileged to know Mr Plattes, who graciously undertook to apply his considerable erudition to compiling this list.

Once again it is a list that eschews self-improvement through suffering. Thus no Dostoyevsky, no matter how profound his insights into the human condition might be. Inexplicably there is also no Nabokov or J.D. Salinger, two of the most lyrical writers in the English language.