Save the Pandas—Kill the White People!

Save the Pandas—Kill the White People! By Steve Tucker.

Just like pandas, white people are fast becoming an endangered species out there in their traditional areas of natural habitat, and for the same basic reason, too — namely, a strange reluctance to keep producing enough new bear cubs …

The French resistance:

In a November 2022 interview, perpetually depressed French novelist Michel Houellebecq told fellow Gallic thinker Michel Onfray that “The Great Replacement, I was shocked it is called a theory. It is not a theory, it is a fact.” …

Houellebecq said the unspoken (at least in public) “wish of the native [white] French population” was not “that the Muslims assimilate, but that they stop robbing them and attacking them. Or else, another solution, that they leave.” And, if they don’t leave, then a mass foreign bear-hunt may ensue: “People are arming themselves. They are getting guns, taking classes at shooting ranges…. When entire territories are under Islamic control, I think that acts of resistance will take place. There will be attacks and shootings in mosques, in cafés frequented by Muslims, in short, Bataclan in reverse.”

As if on cue, on 23 December one particular alienated Elmer Fudd, named by London’s Times as 69-year-old white Frenchman William Malet, went on just such a reverse-Bataclan hunting spree in Paris’ Kurdish quarter, killing three completely innocent people.

Most subsequent media coverage focused upon the alleged shooter’s self-admitted “pathological hatred” of foreigners, but spent rather less time explaining how this had allegedly originated.

In 2016, three young men of “North African heritage” (media-speak for “Muslim criminals”) had broken into his home. He had confronted them with a kitchen knife — rather than simply bending over and eagerly asking if they’d like to rape him, too, as contemporary polite liberal etiquette now recommends — then was sentenced to twelve months in prison for his unacceptable show of resistance. Worse, two of the injured burglars later sued him for €30,000 in damages, thereby literally making victims out of criminals and criminals out of victims.

Therefore, Houllebecq was proved correct: If, as here, Muslims don’t “stop robbing them,” then eventually their white French victims really will snap and perpetrate “attacks and shootings” in Muslim areas, as forecast. Houellebecq’s own reward for unwisely resisting was to be swiftly threatened with being sued by the Grand Mosque of Paris for supposedly inciting hatred with his grim words. The Mosque has since dropped its complaint, but only after Houellebecq met with its chief rector and modified his remarks to be more to the imam’s liking, as a good little subaltern native always should. …

It gets worse:

In June 2020, … environmental “save the pandas” charity World Wildlife Fund UK (WWF) released a short video, narrated by celebrated conservationist Sir David Attenborough, arguing human population growth was endangering the planet and its creatures.

A brief clip of thousands of brown-skinned Indians bathing in a river was accompanied by Attenborough warning of the pressing need to “stabilize the human population as low as we fairly can.” …

Online leftists, however, chose hysterically to misinterpret the WWF video as indicating a sinister wish to cause a different form of planetary life to die out, too: black and brown people, like all those lovely Indians cavorting in their blessed river. Self-righteous tweets soon began breeding faster than the Ganges-bathers themselves. Complaints about the “inherent racism of overpopulation narratives” vied with alarmist assertions that the idea the teeming masses of Africa and Asia could ever become subject to any kind of number-limiting demographic “control” from above was “terrifying, frankly.”

Accordingly, reedited versions of the WWF’s clip soon reappeared online, but with one very significant editorial change: The only footage now allowed to illustrate the booming global population was of white people. And this, despite the fact that, of all major races on Earth, whites currently have amongst the lowest birth rates.



It is not merely “a narrative” that non-whites are responsible for “the pressures of a growing world population,” as the WWF’s mea culpa pleaded, but an undeniable demographic datum. Population Institute Canada (PIC), of whom Attenborough is also a patron, complained the WWF’s completely accurate message had simply been labeled an inconvenient “hate fact” by the online mob. …

What appears to be the implicit message in editing out images of all non-whites in a population-control video and replacing them with whites? Simply that “whites should be made to die out and be replaced.” This obviously is not what the WWF actually believes, but you can see how certain people might conclude otherwise.

Culture war matters. It certainly mattered in 1930s Germany.