Weight of electric vehicles is becoming a safety threat

Weight of electric vehicles is becoming a safety threat. By Paul Gover.

The growing number of electric SUVs and pick-ups in the US is creating an increased threat to smaller and lighter conventional petrol or diesel vehicles, according to the National Transportation Safety Board in the US.

The safety board is investigating the potential impact of heavy electric vehicles on other cars in collisions, as the weight of the biggest battery-powered SUVs and pick-ups in North America pushes past four tonnes. …

The battery-electric Ford F-150 Lightning is 900-1350 kilograms heavier than an equivalent petrol-powered model, while the electric Ford Mustang Mach E and Volvo EX40 are about one-third heavier than equivalent non-electric cars.

“That has a significant impact on safety for all road users,” [the head of the NTSB, Jennifer Homendy] said.

Those batteries are big and heavy. And to give the vehicle a decent range, lots of batteries are needed.

You do not want get hit by a 9 thousand pound hummer EV.