Prince Harry: The woke, spoiled, dumb icon of our age

Prince Harry: The woke, spoiled, dumb icon of our age. By Dan Hannan.

A prolonged whinge by a spiteful and self-pitying blockhead is on course to become the highest-grossing book of all time. Prince Harry’s solipsistic memoir Spare — I can’t help feeling that Spare Us would have summarized the public mood better — sold 1.4 million copies on the day of its publication.

It annoys me when badly written books — The Da Vinci Code, say, or Fifty Shades of Grey — do well. This is not because I begrudge the authors of their success (far from it) but because it undermines my belief in the wisdom of crowds and the appeal of mass democracy.

Here, though, is something far worse: a book whose style, thanks to a skilled ghostwriter, is impressive but whose content is utterly cringe-inducing.

Harry is not alone in being a conceited dolt. Nor is he unique in having bought into the victimhood worship that is fashionable — although it is one of the odder claims to oppressed status to have had a slightly smaller room than your brother in what was, at the end of the day, a palace.

But Harry takes his whining to unconsciously hilarious levels with his entitlement, his pettiness, his burning rage about the half-imagined slights suffered in childhood. Had he stepped away from the monarchy in a spirit of republican virtue, he might have won some respect. But his grievance is that the institution that cosseted him put someone else’s claim before his own. His problem is not with the monarchy but with his not being Numero Uno. …

Why monarchy sucks:

But there is a more subtle way in which Harry’s antics might damage the monarchy. He reminds us of the danger of a genetic lottery. After all, what if he had somehow been the next in line? (One suddenly understands why the late queen was so insistent that William and his family should never fly together.) …

The next act:

In reality, the crown is decorative rather than functional. Indeed, as I write these words, a Conservative MP and former soldier called Bob Seely is moving a bill to strip Harry of his titles and thereby force him to accept the logic of the choices he has made.

Should Seely’s bill pass, Harry and his wife, Meghan, would have a whole new set of grievances to wallow in, claiming that they were victims of racism or sexism or something or other. They are the icons of our degraded age.

The prince of woke is a midwit whinger with a huge income and a massive sense of entitlement.