Modern Witchcraft At Davos

Modern Witchcraft At Davos. By The Naked Emperor.

From the Paul Ehrlich school of making up fashionable stuff:

In Davos we are being told about a “planetary” and “justice” crisis. We are facing mass extinction.

But, fortunately, here are your saviors:

But don’t worry, a “select group of human beings” who have been “touched by something” are experiencing an “extra terrestrial” moment as they “save the planet”.

We must bow down to these great, god-like individuals. For only a god could save the planet. They have saved us from our foolish selves so we must now relinquish all of our liberties to these chosen ones.

Or maybe not.

Makes you long for the old days, when witch doctors simply told us the Gods were angry with us — but if you paid the witch doctors enough, they could appease the Gods and make the danger go away.