Jeremy Clarkson: Canceled as one of Britain’s favourite TV stars at the behest of Harry and Meghan, the woke warriors won’t stop till he’s destroyed

Jeremy Clarkson: Canceled as one of Britain’s favourite TV stars at the behest of Harry and Meghan, the woke warriors won’t stop till he’s destroyed. By Dan Wooton.

Whether or not you love the Sussexes and everything woke they stand for, and whether or not you despise the brash old school style of arch provocateur Jeremy Clarkson, anyone who believes in the importance of free expression should be terrified by the looming cancellation of the Grand Tour star.

Because, mark my words, at the behest of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Clarkson’s mainstream TV career is as good as finished.

Hollywood giant Amazon — drunk on the woke orthodoxy propagated by the Duke and Duchess of Delusion — has already made clear to their influential mates in the media that the plug is being pulled on Clarkson’s Farm and The Grand Tour once existing contractual commitments are fulfilled.

After all, the broadcaster’s leftie chief executive Carolyn McCall ended the Good Morning Britain career of Piers Morgan when he refused to apologise for calling Meghan a liar, following a direct complaint from the former Suits actress. …

In the meantime, Clarkson has been delivered a one-way ticket to Cancel Corner, joining Piers, Sharon Osbourne and any other hapless star of the mainstream media who dares to question proven compulsive liars Harry and Meghan.

Clarkson’s exclusion from the entertainment industry, even as he clings on to his newspaper columns, is a major victory for Harry and Meghan who are no longer hiding their desire to ‘change’ and ‘police’ the British media ‘devil’.

Despite issuing a public statement that wasn’t just grovelling, it was boot licking, the ‘Be Kind’ Sussexes refused to accept his apology.

Indeed, they used it to further put the boot in, incorrectly claiming that he ‘spread hate rhetoric, dangerous conspiracy theories and misogyny’.

Let that be a lesson to King Charles and Prince William if they ever think a formal apology to the Sussexes would mark the end of their destructive campaign against the Royal Family.

And that’s why Clarkson should never have apologised.

Harry and Meghan aren’t looking for genuine reconciliation.

Spare, their Netflix reality series and numerous interviews make it clear they won’t stop until their enemies are destroyed. …

What’s most chilling is that many timid newspaper columnists, journalists, TV presenters and commentators across the globe have already heeded the warning of the Morgan, Osborne and Clarkson cases and now keep their mouths shut.

If this degree of cancellation can happen to some of Britain’s most popular and enduring TV stars, it can happen to anyone who questions the narrative. …

The sheer hypocrisy of it:

Surely people should be able to admit they’ve made a mistake and move on without the pitchfork waving woke mob trying to destroy their livelihood?

After all, Harry himself has been given that opportunity numerous times in his life, including after wearing a Nazi uniform to a dress up party and using the P-word to describe one of his army colleagues.

And his own book is packed full of misogyny, yet there are no demands for him to be hung, drawn and quartered. …

Usually those lefties would be equally mortified at one of the most privileged men in the world, a multi-millionaire born into the British Royal Family with connections and access mere mortals could only ever wish for, trying to control the Press and decide which high profile figures are given a media platform.

But, because Harry is a fellow woke warrior, any pretence of the imperative for journalists, broadcasters and newspaper columnists to express honest opinions without fear of being finished goes out the window.

Well shame on them all. …

Woke is intolerant:

To deny the hundreds of millions of viewers and readers around the world who do love his TV presenting and writing access to Clarkson on a mainstream platform forever more is morally wrong.

Harry and Meghan like to pretend they’re media campaigners concerned about reforming the Press, but what they really want to do is cancel their critics, as if they’re Russian or North Korean dictators.