Global Elites Conspire Against the Rest of Us

Global Elites Conspire Against the Rest of Us. By John Hinderaker.

For a long time I didn’t take the Davos elite-fest seriously, but it has gained steam …

So what agenda are all of these “key players” pursuing? Broadly speaking, it is the “Great Reset,” which basically means rule by them, and an end to pesky democracies like ours. The WEF web site spells out much of it. The key weapon is the environment, or more specifically, global warming:

With global demand for industrial products projected to grow significantly by 2050, the decarbonization of industries is fundamental to the global energy transition. Just five industries (cement and concrete, iron and steel, oil and gas, chemicals, and coal mining) together are responsible for 80% of industrial emissions. …

The WEF identifies the top ten global risks over the next decade. The top four are:

* Failure to mitigate climate change

* Failure of climate-change adaptation

* Natural disasters and extreme weather events

* Biodiversity collapse and ecosystem loss

Risk number five provokes hollow laughter:

* Large-scale involuntary migration

They mean, due to global warming. But the rest of the world is a lot more concerned about large-scale voluntary migration, like what we see at our southern border.

The litany goes on and on. Global “leaders” want government direction of formerly free economies…

As it happens, the scare over global warming is due to a technical error in the climate models. Yes, increasing carbon dioxide causes global warming, but not nearly as much as the models calculate.

And their take on gender is positively crazy from the point of view of realism, but potentially gives them great political power (and great government jobs).

The pandemic has caused a generational loss in gender equality, increasing the projected time to reach global parity from 100 to 132 years.

Well, that’s pretty specific! But what, exactly, is “global parity”? Basically the elimination of gender. As long as some people, anywhere in the world, prefer to organize their families along traditional lines — the man earns most of the money and does most tasks requiring a hammer, while the woman runs the household and mostly looks after the children — “global parity” can never be reached. Which will suit the elites fine, as they can continue jetting to Davos every year to complain about it.

There is much more at the link. But the bottom line is that the elites are of one mind: they don’t like the way you live, and they intend to change it.

Pursuing the impossible — like statistical equality between races, or their vision of “equal” sexes — gives them endless excuses for intervention and leadership. They are never-ending, unwinnable wars, but wars give them the excuse to emergency rule.