Migrant Wave Hits Europe as Illegal Border Crossings Reach Six Year High

Migrant Wave Hits Europe as Illegal Border Crossings Reach Six Year High. By Vijeta Uniyal.

“In 2022, around 330 000 irregular border crossings were detected at EU’s external border, according to preliminary calculations. This is the highest number since 2016 and an increase of 64% from the previous year,” the EU border agency revealed in a press release

I’m shocked, just shocked:

Not surprisingly, the majority of these illegal migrants into Europe come from Muslim countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Syria, the EU border agency’s data suggests. More then 90 percent of illegal immigrants are apparently men. …

In the autumn of 2015, more than a million migrants, overwhelmingly young men from Muslim-majority countries of North Africa and the Middle East, swarmed Europe’s border after German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened her country to illegal immigration. Europe, mainly Germany, France, and Britain, witnessed a spate of Islamic terror attacks and a surge in violent migrant crimes since the 2015 influx.

Germany is still coping with the aftershocks of Merkel’s disastrous decision. On this New Year’s Eve, migrant gangs fought pitched street battles with German police, firefighters and first responders in Berlin, Munich, and cities across the country. In Berlin, masked men in migrant-majority areas erected road blocs and set them on fire. At least 15 policemen and 18 firefighters were injured in the rioting, German media reports say.

The WEF says:

Having learned nothing, the globalist organizations are doubling down on their policy of mass migration. The United Nations, which has been spearheading this agenda, urged European countries to open their borders to illegal migrants.

“Migration has to be managed, not by closing borders, but by opening legal channels,” the UN migration agency chief Antonio Vitorino demanded last month.

And the native Europeans can do nothing about it, apparently.