Biden’s Classified Doc Scandal: WaPo Columnist Blurts the Obvious.

Biden’s Classified Doc Scandal: WaPo Columnist Blurts the Obvious. By Matt Vespa.

Joe Biden’s classified document scandal continues to rage, with legions of liberal pundits, legal scholars, and congressional Democrats making the most predictable and irrelevant excuses for why an aging, dementia-ridden old man can keep state secrets unsecured in his garage.

Biden got busted for having classified materials at multiple locations, including his residence in Wilmington, Delaware. Liberal America just got slapped in the face; the moral grandstanding that was pervasive and incessant after the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago last summer is now looking increasingly ridiculous. Biden declared he takes the handling of state secrets seriously — five such files were found inside his home. They were there at these locations for years, taken when he was vice president.

Trump’s classified document debate was over process — the president of the United States can declassify anything he wants, a power the vice president does not have. Biden absconded with documents he was not legally allowed to possess, kept in an unsecured garage, and handled by people whose security clearance is unknown. Like Hillary, this is a gross and reckless mishandling of classified information. The Left has no defense, so they’re going with their go-to line: it’s okay when we do it because we’re Democrats. 

That’s what Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart said on PBS Newshour, saying the Trump and Biden classified documents scandals are different because — in his eyes — they just are. Well, that settles it. …

Biden is in fact even naughtier than Trump:

Biden’s breaches are worse than Mr. Trump’s: he never had declassification authority as vice president, the locations, unlike Trump’s Florida home, wasn’t protected by the Secret Service, and that’s the kill shot: there were many locations where he was leaving classified materials. The documents in his Wilmington home were labeled ‘top secret.’ Trump’s files were mostly empty folders, state dinner menus, and cocktail napkins. In June of 2022, the FBI told Trump’s lawyers, who had been communicating with the National Archives for months over reported missing documents, to keep everything at the Mar-a-Lago location. Federal agents later raided the home in August, setting off a media circus.