Why modern movies suck

Why modern movies suck. By The Critical Drinker. Highly recommended.

Three non-woke characters

They couldn’t stand the idea of a male character teaching a woman anything of value, because it would violate the rules of modern wiring, which have apparently decided that men are dumb. They don’t know anything of value, and they have nothing to teach anyone.

And, trust me, once you realize that’s the thinking behind so much of modern movie making, well, you’re never going to be able to unsee it. …

It would be nice to see a bit of balance and variety for a change, instead of Hollywood trying to push the unhealthy message that masculinity in all its forms is toxic, broken, and needs to change. How about showing us a range of positive male characters?

How about acknowledging that men can actually have something to offer the world. That the drive, the focus, the protectiveness, the assertiveness, and the competitiveness that comes so naturally to them can be a force for good instead of some destructive impulse that needs to be curbed and corrected.

Trust me, it won’t kill you to acknowledge that men, just like women, can be pretty damn awesome at times. And who knows, you’re audience might just thank you for it too.

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