How America is alienating us from Europe

How America is diverging from Europe. By James Marriot.

In Britain, America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, millennials are defying ancient political laws and failing to become more right-wing as they age. Modern 35-year-olds in Britain and America are, according to a recent analysis in the Financial Times, “by far the least conservative 35-year-olds in recorded history”.

But in the rest of Europe, notably France, Italy, Germany and Spain, young people still follow ancient routes of political migration, voting for more right-wing parties as they get older. …

The West, which we are accustomed to thinking of as a monolith, is split between those English-speaking countries that share the internet with America and those that do not.

Anybody with a Twitter account will be familiar with the incessant proximity of America’s culture wars. Psychologically, many British people now inhabit an American world, obsessing over American politics, American injustices and American Supreme Court rulings. Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders are exhaustedly familiar with the theme.

American progressive ideas spread across the English language internet, as does a fear of the conspiracist, anti-democratic American right. …


Sacred…but only in the English speaking world


It helps to explain why most European countries lack an American-style progressive consensus among younger voters. In France, millennials support far-right parties in numbers that would be inconceivable and horrifying in Britain or America. …

In his book History Has Begun, the Portuguese diplomat and intellectual Bruno Macaes goes so far as to suggest that American and European civilisation are diverging. He argues that America, once essentially a European society, is moving away to create a new kind of culture that is incomprehensible to many Europeans. Whereas liberalism, with its claim to universal moral principles, can be applied round the world, “woke” ideas, rooted in the specific racial atrocities of US history, are less easily exported.

It all comes back to the black-white differences, and the left’s refusal to acknowledge their intrinsic nature. It’s bank-slate ideology versus reality, but the former is winning in the US because it controls all their media and propaganda machinery.

The English-speaking left has cleverly exploited their assertion that blacks and whites have the same statistical properties, so any difference in outcomes is due to discrimination. They have leveraged their falsehood into full spectrum political dominance … woke!

hat-tip Stephen Neil