It’s time to give the diversitycrats their marching orders

It’s time to give the diversitycrats their marching orders. By Toby Young, founder and director of the Free Speech Union in the UK.

Most people trace the origins of the current ‘Great Awokening’ to roughly around 2013, meaning we’ll be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

One reason for thinking it might be peaking is that its growth has been accelerated by social media and — presumably — its decline will be, too. Twitter, in particular, has been one of the chief platforms for promoting woke ideology, as well as for punishing those who dissent from it, and that is bound to change now that Rocket Man Elon Musk is in charge. …

Size of the professional woke army:

But before we get too carried away, it is worth digesting some of the data in Defunding Politically Motivated Campaigns, the recent report from Conservative Way Forward. Based on freedom-of-information requests submitted to 6,000 public bodies, the report reveals that 10,000 equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI [aka DEI]) jobs are being funded by the British taxpayer …

    • NHS: 800 EDI officers
    • Britain’s 175 universities: on average four EDI officers each
    • Whitehall: 255 such employees

The anti-woke opposition is much smaller:

As the founder of the Free Speech Union, I’m a member of what might loosely be called the ‘anti-woke coalition’. My own back-of-the-envelope calculation suggests it numbers fewer than 500 people … In other words, we’re outgunned by a ratio of 20 to one, and that’s not taking into account the explosion of similar EDI jobs in the charity sector and the private sector.

The bureaucracy provides huge funding for its ideological warriors.

Given such widespread institutional capture, it may not matter if the next generation to enter the workforce is less impressed by critical race theory or gender-identity ideology than their immediate predecessors. These ideas could go out of fashion and still retain their awesome institutional power.

This helps explain the feeling I often have that no matter how many important victories the Free Speech Union wins — forcing the police to stop investigating and recording ‘non-crime hate incidents’, for instance, which we’re on the cusp of achieving — we’re still losing the war.

There’s something Hydra-like about the combined forces of the woke — every time you cut one head off, three more grow in its place.

We need to get the secret police and the bureaucracy out of politics. At the moment they both actively support the left, and the effect is almost overwhelming.