Freedom is suffering under uniparty rule

Freedom is suffering under uniparty rule. By Nikolai Vladivostok.

Machiavellian political theory holds that the greatest extent of freedom and justice prevails when the elite is split. That is, when there is a genuine opposition.

Throughout the Western world, official opposition parties have failed to fulfil this role. There has been no sustained, spirited and organized opposition to Woke, trans mania, Covid hysteria or creeping techno-tyranny — nor was there any effective opposition to the War on Terror from the left. …

Nor has there been any major opposition from the rest of civil society. Large media outlets follow the regime line. Churches are quiet. Unions are tame. Civil rights organizations have mostly been coopted, Wikipedia has been silenced and big business (especially big tech) is going along with it all. Academia is leading the charge. …

Elon Musk buys Twitter, revealing the chicanery and dishonesty of the current ruling elite:

And now, suddenly, there is opposition. One small part of Big Tech is openly facilitating the release of information that strongly contradicts the regime narrative. Its leader is openly rejecting the shibboleths expected of his class.

Republicans look on, stunned, as a lone man outside the party does their job for them.

It may be small, but it is effective in breaking the fugue of accepted opinion — a fugue that Trump’s lack of concrete action barely put a dent in, or perhaps strengthened through reaction to his elite-reviled but sadly ineffectual administration.

The regime is embarrassed. Our rulers are mostly too ashamed to respond directly aside from occasional snark. The media ignores or obfuscates the story, as though they are afraid to touch it. Some of the worst offenders have gone strangely quiet. Their sanctimonious arrogance has taken a hit.

This is what an Opposition looks like.

It would be better if it were bigger. Elon needs some elite allies. Elon-against-the-world isn’t going to overturn much.

However, it is a good start. …

Freedom is when the elite fights among itself, leaving the rest of us alone to get on with our lives without their interference:

Remember, it is the existence of an opposition that helps protect us from arbitrary rule, not the virtue of that opposition. Elon could be twice as flawed as he is and still this turn of events would be a good thing for us.

Consider it this way: if Elon somehow became President for Life and started instituting bizarre laws, it would make sense for us to support the most effective opposition to his rule, even if that was The Squad or the Neocons.

It is in the balance of power that we can find peace, and hope to be left alone.

Regime changes normally happen because a new elite challenges the existing elite. We are waiting for the current elite to split significantly. It’s already happening. And just wait until the money-manufacturing scam at the bottom of this topples the debt-ridden economy.