World class hypocrisy of Islam-loving, Christian-hating, most leftist leader in Australia

World class hypocrisy of Islam-loving, Christian-hating, most leftist leader in Australia. By Mark Burgess.

Last month, Victorian State Premier Daniel Andrews (apparently a Catholic when it suits him), embarked on another cash splurge, donating $5 million towards Islamic community infrastructure and $3 million via the IMA and other Muslim organisations. In addition, he announced the state of Victoria would be providing a $500,000 grant to the Islamic Museum in partnership with the Board of Imams and the Islamic Council of Victoria to ensure ‘that everyone across our state knows about the works of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him’. …

Have a look at this infographic of countries where homosexuality and any non-heterosexual practises are illegal.

Now, have a look at where homosexuality is punishable by death.

Nearly all of these countries are majority Islamic where religious doctrine plays a role in government policy. …

Well, you may say, that’s all well and good, but that does not represent the views of the Islamic community in Australia. Perhaps that’s true. But let’s not forget the Australian gay marriage plebiscite in 2017. Imams and Islamic leaders in Australia campaigned against same-sex marriage, using their sermons in mosques across Australia to urge the Muslim community to vote no. Indeed, in the words of the president of the Queensland Council of Imams, gay marriage was deemed to be ‘unacceptable to the faith.’

Strange, I never once heard Andrews call out Australian Imams for their ‘homophobia’, ‘bigotry’, or ‘intolerance’. … He seems to save his breath for attacks on Christianity.

The motivation:

After analyzing Australia’s most recent census (alongside Hinduism, Islam is the fastest growing religion in Australia), it is evident Andrews made this pitch in a bid to secure the Islamic vote in the recent state election.

Do people see the irony? The socially-progressive euthanasia and abortion laws (forbidden in Islam), the safe injecting rooms, and Labor’s habit of bending over backwards for the LGBTQ+ community. …

So what’s Australia’s party of the left going to do for Islam when 5% of the population is Islamic? Immigration and higher birth rates means we’ll find out in a few decades. 10%? 20%? 50%?

The left just hate alternative power centers. Imagine worshiping a God above the left’s bureaucracy? Cannot be tolerated, so tear down the Christians:

The Left’s tolerance of Islamic beliefs along with its hyper-criticism of Judeo-Christian faiths is not unique to Australia. The trend is visible throughout the Western world.

To the broader West, on a macro level, Douglas Murray points out in two of his books, The Strange Death of Europe as well as the more recent The War on The West, the inclination of cultural elites in Western society to be damning of Christianity as an evil and to celebrate other religions as part of multiculturalism. Not just celebrate, but in some shameful instances, allegedly even cover-up disgraceful crimes, like child sexual abuse, in the name of ‘community cohesion’.

The Australian left will eventually turn on Islam too, when Islam becomes sufficiently powerful in Australia. But for now, the left supports Islam because Islam hates Christians and so is an enemy of their enemy.