’Tis the Season to Be Racist

’Tis the Season to Be Racist. By Stephen Tucker.

Consider this “defiant” raised BLM Black Power fist tree bauble, available for only £16 a pop on the website of London’s National Theatre (NT).

Now compare it to this vintage Nazi-era box of tree decorations, including baubles daubed merrily with swastikas and the words “Sieg Heil!” or molded in the shape of Hitler’s handsome white head …

What, precisely, is the difference? Only that one is socially verboten in today’s increasingly racially deranged West, the other officially promoted by state-funded institutions like the NT.

Turning your Christmas tree racist is a new tradition ably fostered by the fun antiwhite financial pogrom-fest that is Black Lives Matter’s annual BlackXmas campaign, first born in 2014. Lasting, appropriately enough, from Black Friday until New Year’s Day, this crazed Christmas crusade encourages individuals to, as BLM’s L.A. branch put it in their weekly email on 8 December, “BUILD BLACK. BUY BLACK. BANK BLACK.”

The basic idea is to get black people to racially discriminate against white people (or gullible white people to racially discriminate against themselves) by refusing to give them any of their valuable gift-purchasing funds. Doing so is to “reject white capitalism” by “circulat[ing] our dollars within our own community!” thereby to transfer their cash “away from white corporate institutions [and banks] that harm our people,” mirroring the similar “Divest From Israel” campaign.

Is capitalism really “white”? It certainly makes a nice change from it being Jewish, like the Nazis used to falsely claim.


The people promoting this racism claim to be “anti-racist.” Sure.