In steamrolling normal people, the Left may have created the very “fascists” they claim to be against

In steamrolling normal people, the Left may have created the very “fascists” they claim to be against. By Mathew Boose.

In a constitutional system like ours, one is not supposed to be motivated by crushing one’s enemies.

This has never been the inclination or aim of conservatives, who do not share the Left’s aversion to limits on political power.

But things have changed. What happens when one side has no regard for the constitution or the limits of power? The goodwill of the conservative has been mercilessly abused, and he is searching for shelter from the obscene freak show of anarchy and disorder that has descended upon his country. 

Joe Biden is but the vessel of the deranged, domineering spirit behind the corruption. … It is a tyrannical will that asserts total ownership of everything, proudly celebrates evil by calling it good, treats decent people like terrorists, exalts criminals and the insane, snatches children from their parents, and requires submission to itself — in mind and body — for citizens to earn bread.

On top of it all, the means of democratic recourse appear to be slipping. Our elections are a Third World sham, and millions of foreigners with no right to be here live in the country without fear of removal. Their numbers are rapidly growing under the explicit protection of an administration whose party, in between giving lectures on the rule of law, brags about replacing and disenfranchising the country’s natives. …

Faced with all of this, a Caesar who promises to sweep away the trash begins to look appealing to many. Especially when those on the other side are disingenuous, like our leftists, and appeal to principles they do not themselves believe in to get their way. No, the Left doesn’t care about constitutionalism, democracy, liberalism, or any of the high phrases that pepper their pompous speeches. Like a communist Popular Front, these are just words they use to put a benign face on tyranny, and blackmail their opponents into unilateral disarmament.

Most on the Right have awoken to this, which is why, outside of a handful of naïve but sincere conservatives, few went out of their way to condemn Trump when he apparently called to suspend the Constitution. By the same token, there aren’t too many free-speech absolutists on the Right shedding tears for the liberal journalists briefly put on time out by Elon Musk. Why bother defending those who militate against free speech except to defend child drag shows and racialist propaganda in schools, and who would, if given the opportunity, censor all opposition from the Right without hesitation? …

The increasingly medieval nature of American politics has left many feeling that a faith in what used to be called principle is outdated and foolish. The two dominant factions now resemble hostile nations living under one government while speaking completely foreign languages. Consequently, politics has become a struggle for survival in which, because of universal suffrage, all are conscripted.

Is it a coincidence that as our average IQ slides, our politics more resemble those of medieval times? IQ data shows Europe’s average IQ peaked around 1880, after eight centuries of gradual increase. Down 20 points from the peak 140 years ago, we have now reverted to about the IQ level of 1600 — when England was coming out of medieval times, but politicians often threw each other in jail.

How long before we get back to this?

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