Was January 6 Pelosi’s Fault?

Was January 6 Pelosi’s Fault? By John Hinderaker.

What was really notable about the January 6 event was not that a few hundred partisans (plus an unknown number of FBI agents) were sufficiently exercised about the election to besiege the Capitol.

What was notable was the astonishing failure of security that let them in. At one entrance, Capitol guards opened the doors and apparently welcomed a large number of protesters, who entered the building, staying between the velvet rope lines, taking selfies. I think that is how most of the protesters who entered the Capitol got there. At least one criminal defendant has been acquitted on the ground that he had every reason to believe he was being invited into the building as a tourist.

None of the protesters was armed, so in the end, the only person who was killed — lies of the New York Times and Joe Biden notwithstanding — was Ashli Babbitt.

Security was lax and unprepared, entirely due to the Democrats:

Now, House Republicans have issued a report on the real scandal of January 6: the inexplicable absence of Capitol security. … The Daily Wire has a summary and comments on the report:

[F]ailures include Pelosi and Democrat leadership being closely involved in security decisions, which excluded Republican lawmakers from key meetings and conversations related to House security.

It has long been reported that President Trump pleaded with D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to beef up security in advance of the January 6 demonstration, but Bowser refused to do so. Bowser was in charge of D.C. law enforcement, Pelosi in charge of Capitol security.

Inquiring minds want to know:

Was the January 6 photo op — there was almost no actual violence, other than the shooting of Ashli Babbitt — caused by incompetence on the part of the Democratic officials who were responsible for Capitol security?

Or did they foresee the political advantage that could be gained by characterizing the protest as an “insurrection”? We likely will never know.

If you own the media and the secret police, you can make some terrible lies stick. So then it would seem quite natural to manufacture a convenient incident.

You would know that Trump partisans would be upset after a rigged election loss. January 6 was the day that Congress was scheduled to debate election shenanigans and certify the results. The Trump hotheads could be riled up by the FBI undercover provocateurs, who could do much of the theatrical violence if necessary. Keeping the security lax would allow any trouble to run. A couple of pipe-bombs could be planted to add the terrorist touch. All so predictable, really.