The U.S. Government Is Now Full Soviet

The U.S. Government Is Now Full Soviet. By Stephen Kruiser.

I am fond of saying that I was never a conspiracy theory kind of guy but after 2020 I now have a walk-in closet full of tin foil hats. What used to be called “out there” thinking is now merely the truth.

What we have learned thus far from the Twitter Files is that the leftists in the United States government were working overtime to prop up mainstream media’s false narratives. …

We are a once great and free nation that now is experiencing hammer-and-sickle-type government media control. The Soviets and the Nazis were notorious for their ability to control narratives via the media. Now, the “media” has become bigger and stronger because of the “social” aspect. Stodginess be damned, the feds got hip to that reality early on.

All of America is now Moscow or East Berlin in the 1970s. Your government is all up in your business and your neighbors might be snitching on you. Mrs. Kravitz is everyone’s commie neighbor now.

In a just world, Elon Musk should be given a variety of commendations for revealing the media/government collusion. Because we’re all the way through the dystopian looking glass, however, the United States government will seek to destroy him.

And it will be done with the enthusiastic support of 50% of the electorate.

Propaganda works.

It’s corruption all the way down.