How intelligence agencies take over governments and nation states

How intelligence agencies take over governments and nation states. By El Gato Malo.

The intelligence community is the eyes and ears of government. They determine what it “sees” and what it “knows.”

But what if it has an agenda other than honesty? What if it seeks instead to rule? …

Suppose you were the secret police, seeking to rule:

You penetrate media to get in the middle of what everyone is allowed to see:

You encourage the people to distrust one another and rat each other out.

You set them up for conspiracy pratfalls as patsies for power grabs.

This works extra well if you can create highly divided, divisive, and politicized societies using the classic “let’s you and them fight” divide and conquer stratagems.

It will always be sold as “safety” from trumped up ideas of “domestic terrorism/extremism” whose definition will just keep broadening until it encompasses any and all political dissent.

And in the late stages, it always goes the same way. At a certain point, our own police and intelligence communities become what fundamentally amount to foreign actors. They are neither elected nor accountable, but they deceive, dominate, and determine those who are.

  • This permanent state will ensnare and embroil those hostile to it in endless fights for their political lives against absurd claims, disinformation, wild accusation, inversion of fact, and non-cooperation at every turn.
  • They will make you fight with your eyes closed, pull the wool over the eyes of others, and relentlessly undermine you at every turn.
  • They will put you on trial for made up crimes.
  • They will undertake “investigation” so overwrought that the process becomes the punishment.
  • They will use and shape media and message.

It’s really a helluva thing and it’s hard to see it as amounting to anything less than a shadow government and a coup by stealth. …

How can you achieve any sort of agenda when your whole tenure is spent fighting false accusation coming from “the highest of sources in the intel community?” …

That’s what happened to Trump, clearly enough.

The FBI and CIA are experts in character assassination, kompromat, and blackmail. They do it as a matter of course to collect or impugn sources and agents. and anyone who thinks they are not operating on politicians as well really ought to read the history of J. Edgar Hoover.

The FBI’s seminal director was perhaps the most prolific blackmailer/holder of extortion dirt in US history. (he was also arguably subverted himself by mafia interests that had dirt on him). He was a sharp critic of constitutional limits to persecuting and prosecuting people for their politics. He colored WAY outside the lines and this has been built into the FBI DNA from day one. …

What to do:

Clearly, the FBI has wielded undue, unconstitutional, and unchecked power since the day it was founded. … The CIA, NSA, DHS, ONS and who knows how many other alphabet soup agencies all seem caught up and complicit. …

To my mind, there really is no way to repair or restrain these cultures. They must be removed, likely entire agencies eliminated down to the last provocateur and paperclip. …

Just what does a just state of limited government focused upon the protection of the rights of its citizens need with so many spies and spooks and special agents? It seems to be mostly about making malicious mischief and manipulating and oppressing peaceful people.

We need all this so the terrorists do not attack us?

Once a country’s secret police are involved in it politics, it’s all downhill.