Sam Bankman-Fried and The Hunger Games

Sam Bankman-Fried and The Hunger Games. By Jeffrey Tucker.

In the dystopian film and novel The Hunger Games, the elites have divided society into many districts depending on their function and economic status. Only District 1 truly lives well, and here you find the greatest champions of the system, which is kept alive through top-down tyranny.

The games themselves are designed to shore up regime stability by necessitating random sacrifices of the lives of kids forced into a zero-sum game of murder.

The whole thing looks implausible on first viewing. How could the richest of the rich sit by and watch cheering on this bloodthirsty tragedy? On second thought, the whole thing is wholly believable.

Elites socialize themselves to believe whatever it is that protects their wealth and status. That’s exactly why such a large crowd of people gathered at The New York Times to watch the validation and vindication of Sam [Bankman-Fried], and they happily cheered his fake honesty and transparency at the end.

The display was disgusting but entirely predictable if you understand something about how our own hunger games are played. In this decade and a half of easy money, a whole class of people has risen to the top of the cultural echelon not by productive labor but by educational credentials and being part of the corporate float. They have come to believe that the system makes sense simply because it has benefited them.

This is why they so gladly took to pandemic controls when they were at their height. They would “stay home and stay safe” while the proletariat slogged through the streets carrying dinners in bags to drop off at doorsteps. In some extremely strange way, this felt like a utopia for the upper classes.

This is always why the lockdowns lasted so long. …

District 1 needs to be thoroughly cleansed and the sooner the better. The cleansing fire in our times takes the most implausible form one can imagine: positive real interest rates. If the Fed sticks to its agenda — and it likely will — we will see every manner of upheaval coming in the next six months.

In the meantime, have fun in jail, SBF!