The GOP, Democrats, and media all agree: Trump cannot become president again

The GOP, Democrats, and media all agree: Trump cannot become president again. By Dan Gelernter.

You’ll notice a striking difference between election news coverage now and the leadup to the 2016 presidential primaries: The mainstream media have hardly breathed a word about Donald Trump (except to say that he’s not doing well in their “polls” and so obviously voters must want him out of the race).

Back when Trump was making his run for the nomination in 2015, the newspapers couldn’t keep him off their front pages. He got hours of coverage on every news network every day.

But that was back when most Republicans (myself included) didn’t consider Trump a serious candidate. The media decided he would be a wonderful candidate from the Democrats’ perspective and selected him as most likely to lose to Hillary Clinton. So they gave him all the free coverage he could handle. Once the establishment realized that Trump was connecting with and inspiring millions of Americans (myself included), it was too late to stop him.



But the papers and TV shows and social sites have learned their lesson this time around: People love hearing about Trump, and he loves talking. Media attention is his oxygen. So now they won’t give him any. Prepare yourselves to hear hardly a whisper about Trump for the next year or two — except for portentous statements offered by pompous talking heads who will say he needs to drop out now “for the good of the party.” Whose party do you suppose they mean? …


The GOP isn’t really our party. It never was. That is the central truth that the Trump phenomenon has exposed — or exposed anew. It’s a political machine, just like the Democratic Party, and it wants to run itself, not be run by “ordinary” people like you and me. Trump’s nomination the first time around, from the GOP’s perspective, was a huge mistake …

The GOP and the Democrats and the media are all agreed on one, central point: Trump cannot become president again. All these power groups’ motivations are different, but their interests are aligned, and the stakes are practically existential. …

Trump was a huge mistake: He was the biggest mistake machine politicians had made in over a century. The success of Trump’s presidency dealt establishment politicians a heavy blow. A second Trump term might kill them, and they know it.

So, be prepared to hear nothing about Trump’s candidacy, nothing about his massive rallies, nothing about the unwavering enthusiasm of his supporters. Be prepared to hear only one thing: That the “people” don’t want him. But don’t believe it. Remember which people are doing the talking.