‘Cookers’ are a product of the modern Left

‘Cookers’ are a product of the modern Left. By Damian Coory.

Why do conspiracy theories emerge? Why are they so rampant today?

Because the media and our rulers are hiding so much and gaslighting us. We are awash in lies, and we know it. Duh.

Ask the Left and they’ll tell you that it’s social media amplifying and elevating the simplistic ideas of extremists of the ‘far right’ and the only solution is heavy-handed censorship of the kind that not only censors ‘right-wing nut jobs (dubbed RWNJs or Cookers)’ but also de-platforms ordinary conservatives and their political opponents. How very convenient for the Left…

I’d suggest a very different phenomenon is at play. One that puts the blame squarely at the feet of the real nutjobs of modern Western Civilisation: the post-modernist extremists who peddle identity politics and division.

It’s PR101 that in the absence of truthful and transparent information, the resulting void will be filled by narratives far worse than reality can conjure.

The secrecy, lies, and ‘school ma’am’ management of public communication during the Covid crisis – embraced by our ALP, left-Liberal Party politicians, and the media – has greatly damaged trust in public institutions and authorities. …

Many citizens are able to pick through the complexities, nuances, and grey areas and avoid a decline into conspiracy-thinking (there is also an overwhelming bulk who are not interested enough to bother). Those who are not so blessed, or suffering some kind of mental illness or trauma, may only be capable of dichotomous (black-and-white) simplistic thinking and other errors of reason leaving them to descend into a conspiracy game, ‘joining the dots’ online with the flimsiest of thread and massive leaps of assumption. It brings them comfort in the chaos. …

‘Shut up and just believe what we say, you cooker!’ isn’t going to bring trust and faith back to leaders and governments for someone convinced that those same leaders and governments are at best trying to control them and at worst trying to kill them. It will have a profoundly reverse effect.

Displaying that they can make mistakes and admitting when they are wrong is how leaders build trust. Refusing to apologise does not.

Politicians, bureaucrats, grubby mass media, and our grossly over-politicised education sectors are all to blame for this phenomenon.