Christmas Fund Raising

Christmas Fund Raising

With Christmas coming, this is the Wentworth Report’s third annual fundraising drive. If you find the information we present useful, please support us with a donation. We are in an information war, and we need your help!

Large or small, each donation is also a personal message of encouragement to keep doing what we’re doing.

The Wentworth Report continues to rapidly grow, with well over half a million views in each of the last three years. In an information environment dominated by big media and big tech, it has fallen on blogs to spread truths that are politically incorrect. It seems that we are the only ones left with the freedom to say it like it is.

We ran advertisements for a while in late 2022, but the income of a few dollars a day wasn’t worth the pain of seeing the advertisements, in our opinion. So we dialed them way back and you will rarely see advertisements now. We’d rather rely on donations and have a nice clean presentation without ads.

Please donate by credit card or PayPal, by buying “units of support” for our company, Unqwerty Pty Ltd:

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If you have an Australian bank account, you can deposit directly to our bank account:

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Otherwise, please contact us at

Thank you!