Stephen Miller Fights Anti-White Bigotry, Washington Post Is Disgusted

US Law is now for righting historical wrongs, not protecting individuals.

First the narrative, by Beth Reinhard and Josh Dawsey at the Washington Post.

America First Legal is headed by Stephen Miller, the architect of President Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigrants. While AFL lacks the name recognition and financial heft of many conservative counterparts, it has racked up notable court victories over the Biden administration. …


Stephen Miller @ America First Legal


AFL-backed suits helped doom a $29 billion program that prioritized struggling female and minority-owned restaurants last year, and last week, a council created by the Department of Education that conservative parents groups viewed as partisan. AFL has won in part by consistently filing lawsuits in a conservative-friendly judicial district in Texas and taking advantage of a larger federal court system revamped by Trump’s predominantly conservative nominees.

The group’s success is alarming civil rights advocates, who fear Miller has figured out how to harness the courts to protect America’s declining White majority and unravel government policies intended to right historical wrongs against marginalized communities.

“Many of these lawsuits are centered on making sure that White people remain in control and continue to benefit from unearned privileges, and on maintaining the systemic discriminatory policies that have harmed Black people and other people of color for generations,” said David Hinojosa, an attorney with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. “To argue that White men are being pushed to the back of the line is unfounded and ridiculous. What they’re being asked to do is share a place in line with other people who do not look like them.”

In an interview, Miller said AFL is filling a void in the conservative legal movement by challenging what he termed “a hyperracialization of American political and corporate life.” Programs seeking to remedy past injustices and boost historically disadvantaged groups are punishing people based on their skin color, he said.

“I believe that the equity agenda represents one of the single greatest threats to the survival of our constitutional system,” he said.

Steve Sailer:

Miller acts as if the Constitution requires the equal protection of the laws. What a nut! …

It’s striking how quickly this slightly insane theory that the basic idea of Constitutional theory is that the law should “right historical wrongs” for groups rather than provide justice for individuals from now into the future has become the conventional wisdom.

That the Constitution mandates equal rights for whites as well as blacks is now seen as being in appallingly bad taste. No other argument other than Stalinoid who-whom is put forward in favor of bigoted laws, but that’s considered ample these days.

There’s always someone who doesn’t get the new program, comrades.