Can Christianity survive in the Woke West?

Can Christianity survive in the Woke West? By the Z-Man.

Those opposed to Christianity, which is the entirety of the managerial class, never discuss [this question].

Actual Christians are aware of the challenges they face, but they just assume they are on the side of angels, literally and figuratively, so the question does not require an answer. … These people are completely unprepared to defend their faith from the coming assault. …

You can quibble with the numbers and whose survey is better, but the overall picture does not change. Christianity in the West is not just on the wane, but in many places, it is on the way out.

New York City, Easter 1956

When you shift from the private sphere to the public one, it is rare to find any discussion of Christianity. The Christians allowed on stage must profess an undying devotion to Jewish people, Israel and various myths and legends important to the Jewish people.

This void in the managerial class is being filled by people who define Christian as the bad whites they despise. The recent gay marriage bill made possible by the Republican party, allows the IRS to strip churches of their tax exempt status if they are not willing to play along with the homosexual marriage charade. Like the Obama health care bill, the point is mostly about attacking Christians. The people in charge want the believers to know that they are not welcome in America. …

Mainstream Protestantism has been thoroughly corrupted.

  • On the east coast, the surest sign you are near an Episcopal church is the rainbow flag. …
  • The Southern Baptist Convention now sounds like the grievance studies department at a third tier state college.
  • The Methodists are in a civil war over the usual questions.
  • Of course, the Catholic church long ago succumbed to the pink mafia that took over the clergy.

The fact is, the Christian in modern America is under assault not just from the historical enemies of the faith, but from the institutions he has relied upon to defend religious liberty in America. …

Christianity asserts there is a higher authority than our ruling class, namely God. The left hates that.

The modern West is increasingly defined by the deliberate avoidance of observable reality, along with prohibitions against noticing certain things. The authority for these prohibitions is mob rule, guided by an invisible hand that is on the list of things no one is allowed to mention. Christianity offers an alternative source of authority and Scripture encourages the believer to engage with the human condition. It is not hard to see why that invisible hand guiding the mob hates Christians. …

Jesus’ main political impact — namely establishing the idea that we all eventually answer to a higher authority — is being undone by the left.


Within this century the mainline churches will have disappeared, their nicer buildings having been made into museums. Barring a cataclysm that derails modernity, institutional churches are doomed. That will leave the believers to fend for themselves as ad hoc communities.

That presents another problem. Most of the people who would join an ad hoc community of believers embraces the universalism and openness that has been the ruin of Christianity in the West. In a world where demographic reality is the defining feature, the refusal to recognize demographic reality is a suicide pill. In other words, if Christianity is to survive, it will have to become something different. Christians will have to find the authority for new survival skills within Scripture.

The old testament is anything but universalist, being the story of the the trials, then triumph, and then corruption of God’s chosen people.