Time to Move on From Wacky

Time to Move on From Wacky. By David Cole.

In politics, there’s a school of thought that stupid and crazy can be useful, that these traits can be channeled. After all, who’s more passionate than the crazy? Who’s more willing to write a check than the stupid? …

I’ve never found that to be true. During my years as a ground-level GOP operative, I came to understand that you can employ the crazy for their passion and the stupid for their gullibility, but in the end, at some point, it’ll bite you in the ass.

The last time the right pulled off anything remotely resembling a national win (and it was a razor-thin win at that), it was by focusing on the simple and relevant. Build a border wall. Put American workers first. Deport criminal aliens. …

Trump dines with Milo, Kanye, and Nick F.:

Be in awe of it, because the ludicrousness is worthy of awe. We’re days away from a runoff that might at least return the Senate to 2021 status quo instead of making it a Democrat duchy, and national attention has been waylaid by the efforts of a gay man whose entire career has consisted of bragging about sucking black dick (which rightists applauded to demonstrate how not-homophobic they are) and who straight-out embezzled from his followers (which was forgiven by rightists to demonstrate how not-homophobic they are), a clinically insane Hitler-loving swastika-posting Holocaust-denying black musician (hailed by rightists to demonstrate how not-racist they are), and a Holocaust-denying incel Hispanic internet troll with zero real-world accomplishments (financially supported by rightists because Hispanics are natural Republicans). And this freakish threesome had a private meeting with a former president who uses social media to claim that Moloch eats American children. And this ex-president allowed the black Hitler-loving lunatic, the white sucker of black cock, and the Hispanic Holocaust denier to dine with him and use him as an op to launch their own presidential campaign, which led to the three stooges appearing on the show of a man who thinks Obama built a phony elementary school and had dwarf actors impersonate children to fake a mass shooting so he could take away our guns (even though he never took away our guns), and the black lunatic uttered pro-Hitler statements on the show that were so outlandish the “Obama dwarfs faked Sandy Hook” guy looked sane by comparison.

That is some downright impressive batshit nuttiness. In six years, the right’s gone from “let’s build a wall to control immigration” and “let’s deport illegals who commit crimes” to a debate about “loving Hitler” initiated by a schizophrenic black man

You owe it to yourself to question how things strayed so far, and to examine your own role in the debacle.

Have you ever excused, in a political or ideological leader, obvious insanity or clear-cut stupidity because you thought, “Well, that guy’s a little off but he’s dedicated! He’s useful for the fight! He’s good for the cause!” …

Face a stark reality: Wacky has failed you. Wacky has taken you far astray from the things that matter. Can we be done with it now? Can we move beyond the wacky phase?

Trump’s wackiness has worn out its welcome among the blue-collar right-leaners who gave him his slim 2016 victory. And the wacky characters he brought with him, from “camp Auschwitz” January 6th amateur paramilitary cop-beaters to Milo, Fuentes, Kanye, Cawthorn, MTG, etc., have only succeeded in creating distraction upon distraction and complication upon complication. …

The next time someone tells you “DeSantis is good but dull,” say yes.

Yes, he is.

And thank God.

Polls show Desantis does much better than Trump against Biden.