Sam Bankman Fried and the Corrupt Politicians

Sam Bankman Fried and the Corrupt Politicians. By Jeffrey Carter.

I watched Andrew Ross Sorkin’s interview with Sam Bankman Fried (SBF) Wednesday on CNBC. …

Do not let SBF’s sweet talk and deflection sway your opinion. He is a fraudster. Charles Ponzi would be jealous. He should go to jail.

So he corrupted politics to buy his way out — that alone is practically proof of guilt:

Maybe FTX didn’t start out that way, but as soon as the business went south, the company and its employees turned to fraud to cover the holes. Not only that, but they took the advice of their parents and immediately started donating to Democratic candidates, along with a tidy $1MM to Mitch McConnell, and at the same time began virtue signaling about how they were going to donate to causes to save the world. …

SBF is ensconced in the Democratic Party elite bubble. His parents and his girlfriend’s parents are high up in the Democratic Party. They know people that know people. His girlfriend ran Alameda Research so it’s pretty unlikely that he didn’t know what was going on there contrary to his public television statements.

Did SBF launder money for the Democrats? It’s possible. But, it has to be proven and only the Department of Justice can bring that sort of investigation. Watch Merrick Garland. If he sits on his hands, SBF will stay out of jail. If Garland sits on his hands, you know that the Democratic central authorities told him to sit on his hands. …

Reading the media:

So, why is he on television all the time? No lawyer worth their salt would allow him to tweet let alone speak publicly.

I think it pays to be super cynical, unfortunately. There are two options I see.

  1. SBF is going to be protected by the elite Democrat class and this is a roadshow to elicit empathy. Everyone interviewing him is an ardent Democrat. He is “rending his garments”. He is getting somewhat tough questions, but because the interviewers don’t understand the exchange process, the questions are not specific enough. …
  2. SBF is in fact going down and the interviewers are doing what they can to expose him to protect the Democratic party.

Watch the news cycle and the spin closely. We know outfits like the NYT and WAPO are liberal left-wing rags and will do anything to protect Democratic Party interests. They are trying to control the narrative. I have seen positive, or neutral stories in the WSJ which is a sign that the GOPe doesn’t know what to do yet either. My guess is they are calculating how many of their core constituents were really damaged by the fraud. Right now it looks to me like the jury is out and no decision has been made.

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The system is emphatically NOT working the way it should, at every level. This is not how a society becomes powerful and successful; this is not a country on the up and up. It’s a corrupt mess with crazy values.