Donald Trump is Nick Fuentes

Donald Trump is Nick Fuentes. By Ann Coulter.

Nick Fuentes is a 24-yo American white supremacist political commentator and live streamer. His YouTube channel was permanently suspended in February 2020. He holds antisemitic views and denies the Holocaust. Fuentes self-identifies as a member of the incel movement, as a supporter of authoritarian government, and as a Catholic integralist and Christian nationalist.

Recently Kanye West had dinner with Donald Trump, and brought Nick Fuentes along. Trump says he had no idea of who Fuentes was beforehand, but the American media have gone ballistic that Trump had dinner with Fuentes. Political cooties only happens to the non-left.

Who’s the happiest guy in America this week?

Nick Fuentes. In a matter of days, he’s gone from total obscurity to the most famous person in the country. Everybody’s talking about him!

Until he had dinner with Trump, literally, no one had ever heard of him (except various “hate watch” groups scamming money out of the perpetually alarmed). That’s not for lack of trying on Fuentes’ part. He was doing anything he could think of to get people to notice him. …

Serendipitously, Donald Trump is also desperate for attention. … He blew the midterms, everyone knows he blew the midterms, and then held a funereal presidential announcement at Mar-a-Lago, attended by only losers and grifters.

After the grim event, those of us unlucky enough to be on his email list were bombarded with messages announcing the MAJOR ENDORSEMENTS he’d received! (Nearly 10!)

Endorsement of President Donald J. Trump by Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller

Endorsement of President Donald J. Trump by the New York Young Republican Club …

Trump was dying to have anyone famous come to Mar-a-Lago. Kanye West (Ye) is a big name, right? A strongly strong name. Plus, he’s probably not getting a lot of dinner invitations these days anyway. So Trump invited Ye, and Ye brought Fuentes.


For days, Trump’s “Springtime for Hitler” dinner led on every program on MSNBC. Also CNN. Probably ESPN and the Cartoon Network, too. …

Now, Fuentes is a star! Just like Trump. Fuentes and Trump: Narcissistic baby morons whose sole driving force in life is being FAMOUS! Most people are unfamiliar with this emotion. A normal person likes everything about fame — except the fame part. …

The serious part:

Another similarity of the narcissistic baby morons: Both briefly gained respectability when, amid their babbling idiocies, they happened to hit upon immigration, and were rewarded by a nation crying out for anyone to give a damn about our country.

We didn’t want the incendiary stuff, but if that’s what it took to get immigration on the table, fine, we’ll take it. At least they weren’t calling illegal immigration an “act of love.” (Jeb!(TM)) …

Recall that Trump first tried running for president in 2012 by pushing birtherism. Crash and burn.

Then by complete chance — the happy accident of Trump seeing me discuss my book Adios, America! and requesting a copy — in 2015, he started talking about immigration. He was pointlessly nasty, utterly ignorant, but at least he was talking about it. No one else would, so he became president.

But now, it’s perfectly clear that Trump’s bluster about a wall and deporting illegals was just random words that he assembled. He didn’t intend to do it, didn’t understand it and didn’t care.

Back to theatrics:

Now, he’s back to his loony-tunes, get this! mode, still perseverating about his “sacred landslide election victory” being “viciously” stolen from him — in an election year when there was a red wave for every Republican but him.

From what I’ve read, Fuentes has roughly the same B.S.-to-sanity ratio, winning fans on those occasions when he talked about immigration, then deciding to spend 99% of his time trying to say things so repellent that he’d make news.

He’s made it now! You can’t turn on the TV without seeing Fuentes talking about imposing a Catholic dictatorship, Hitler is great, women should be forced to marry young and have children, and Trump must be made dictator for life.

Is he humiliated? No! He’s on TEE-VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

The irony is: All the cable news hosts making Fuentes a star are driven by the same weird compulsion. No one paid by a television network is any less craven than Trump and Fuentes. Liberals are suddenly reborn as right-wingers at Fox, and the reverse happens at MSNBC and CNN. What do I have to believe? Please. I’m willing to say anything. …

Unfortunately for the country, we are now locked in a situation where Trump, Fuentes and the media have identical interests: Keep Trump and Fuentes in the news.