Apple’s Logo Finally Makes Sense

Apple’s Logo Finally Makes Sense. By Issues and Insights.

Even those in uber-liberal Silicon Valley probably know the story of Adam and Eve and how they gave in to Satan’s temptation, bit into the forbidden apple, and were cast out of Eden.

Taking the bite out of that apple was an act of defiance against God, whose only rule was that they steer clear of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

So, ask yourself:

  • What sort of company sides with those who want to silence conservatives in the United States while working with the CCP to thwart freedom protests?
  • What sort of company gladly employs slave labor to make its products, which it then sells at a huge markup? (Apple’s net earnings are consistently above 20%.)
  • What kind of company loudly complains about a religious liberty law enacted in one state that gays didn’t like, but turns a blind eye to China’s genocide against its own minority Uyghur population?
  • Then ask yourself, whose side is Apple on these days? The forces of good, or the forces of evil?

Now, look at the Apple logo again.

Apple is getting some extremely bad press all of a sudden, but they have been pro-China, pro-woke, and anti-traditional-USA for a few years now.