UN shakedown: Threats to list healthy reef as in danger just a way to extort “climate” money

UN shakedown: Threats to list healthy reef as in danger just a way to extort “climate” money. By Joanne Nova.

UNESCO is still threatening to list [Australia’s Great Barrier Reef] as “in danger”, despite record coral cover … for the last two years running. The “danger” label would scare off some tourists, so the Minister is lobbying the UN to stop it.

But follow the reasoning. The Minister is admitting that the UN listing is not about the reef itself, it’s about whether they have paid enough money for UN causes or adopted the right “NetZero” liturgy.

Lydia Lynch and Jess Malcolm, in The Australian:

“The reason that UNESCO in the past has singled out a place as ‘at risk’ is because they wanted to see greater government investment or greater government action — and since the change of government, both of those things have happened,” [Ms Plibersek, federal environment minister] said. …

Steve Edmondson, a reef tour operator in Port Douglas, said the UN-backed report relied on old ­information gathered during a monitoring mission in March while the reef was going through a mass coral bleaching event.

Ms Nova again:

Apparently the UN uses the “in danger” listing as a form of coercion to squeeze more money for their favourite causes. It’s nothing about the actual reef. Nothing about what Australians want. And it was never about “The Science”:

UN labels are just a form of foreign interference to drum up money for friends which benefit from “climate money” — like the Bankers who invest in renewables, or the Chinese Communist Party that sells us the windmills and solar panels.