‘Practically Unviable’ for Volkswagen to Build EV Batteries in High-Cost Europe

‘Practically Unviable’ for Volkswagen to Build EV Batteries in High-Cost Europe. By Stephen Green.

Volkswagen, the German carmaker that’s pledged to manufacture nothing but electric vehicles in Europe by 2035, now says it’s “practically unviable” to build the batteries they need domestically. …

It takes a lot of energy to produce a lithium-ion battery large enough to power a car or truck, and Europe’s high energy prices drive up the cost of making the batteries that were supposed to reduce costs. …

Sustainability is what they say they’re after. Government subsidies and virtue-signalling points, more likely.

Take a deep breath and try to wrap your head around this. Europe has been closing nuclear plants and subsidizing wind and solar. Now they’ll tax wind and solar in order to “fund a €54bn consumer aid package.”

Subsidized wind and solar are too expensive, so Germany will tax it to pay for consumer subsidies on wind and solar.

It takes a really big government to be that stupid. …

Here’s a pro tip for our European friends, and our so-called leaders in Washington, too: If an investment requires government incentives or subsidies, it isn’t actually viable.

Likewise, our solar panels are only at current prices because they are made in China on cheap energy from coal. If you had to produce them on energy from solar panels they’d be way more expensive. And all going to the landfill in 15 – 25 years.