Long Covid Protocol

Long Covid Protocol. By David Archibald.

The most common symptom of long covid is fatigue, most often extreme fatigue. And all cases of long covid have microclotting.

A theory to explain this combination is that covid virions persist in the body after the acute phase has passed, constantly topping up the microclots as the microclot load is being dissolved by the body’s processes. The microclots make the blood too viscous to flow through the body’s narrowest capillaries, starving the surrounding tissue of oxygen. Thus, any exertion by a long covid sufferer results in extreme fatigue.

Persistent viral infection, even at a low level, would cause inflammation. Persistent inflammation depletes vitamin D and magnesium, in turn making it hard for the body’s immune system to overcome the inflammation.

It follows that overcoming long covid, in theory, would start with reducing the covid virion load. Of second importance is speeding up the dissolution of the microclots. Third is restoring the immune system.

What follows is not medical advice. …

Reducing the Covid Virion Load:

While most of the general public currently think that the covid virus disappears from the body between bouts of covid, it appears to persist in many individuals. … There is one widely available molecule known to bind to covid virions and inactivate them. That is ivermectin. Though doctors are banned from prescribing it in Australia to treat covid, it can be bought in bulk from rural supply stores such as Elders …

One doctor using ivermectin to treat long covid has reported that 70 to 90 percent of patients respond, generally within 10 days …

Dissolution of the Microclots:

What many long covid sufferers have used to dissolve the microclots in the blood is nattokinase. This is an enzyme produced by fermenting boiled soybeans with the bacteria Bacillus natto. A typical dosing rate is 100 mg twice daily to be taken on an empty stomach: at least 30 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after. …

An anecdote on nattokinase use in long covid:

Huge difference after taking a combo pill of Natto/Serra, 2x in the morning upon waking and one in the late afternoon. I felt like exercising for the first time in 2+ years and managed 4 minutes!

The Importance of Resolving Long Covid Quickly:

The persistent hyper-inflammation of long covid affects many organs, resulting in slow or incomplete recovery. The heightened inflammatory state of many individuals gives rise to a long term increase in disease risk. …

There is a parallel with the Spanish Flu. There is evidence for excess deaths throughout the late 1920’s and 30’s, long after the Spanish flu epidemic was over. No one made the connection. All they knew was that there were excess deaths in cardiac and respiratory disease.

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