Apple deserts Twitter — along with at least 50 top advertisers

Apple deserts Twitter — along with at least 50 top advertisers. By the Daily Mail (Alex Hammer).

Apple is the latest company to desert Twitter following Elon Musk’s multibillion-dollar acquisition of the company last month, the new CEO has announced …

According to nonprofit watchdog group Media Matters, 50 of the platform’s top 100 advertisers, which have accounted for about $2 billion in spending since the start of 2020, have paused ads — some seemingly for good.

High-profile companies to issue statements to announce halted advertising on the site include Chevrolet, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Ford, and Jeep.

Other noticeable names to apparently nix their relationship with the company are cheese giant Kraft, Coca Cola, Nestle, Chanel, AT&T, CNN, Heineken, and Kellogg’s.

The corporate enforcers — do you think they have our best interests at heart? Do they so hate free speech?