For the Left, Politics Is a Full-Time Job

For the Left, Politics Is a Full-Time Job. By Christopher Roach.

Republicans like to think of politics as something you do every few years in the same manner as nominal Christians who go to church on Christmas and Easter. When it comes to politics, the Left are the fundamentalists. For them, it is full-time, dictating what needs to happen with everything and everyone, everywhere.

This is why so many things we now call politicized are just alternate facets of the leftist propaganda apparatus. Every business, every school, every pharmaceutical product, every TV show, every movie, and every interaction reflects the leftist value system. Those fat, sloppy mannequins now at the mall are there for a reason. Think of the choices behind shows like “Modern Family,” “Will and Grace,” and now “nonbinary” Transformers. Think of how rare it is to see a couple in an advertisement that is not mixed race. 

None of this is accidental. None of this is apolitical. None of this involves an election. 

Gillette lost tons of customers a few years ago with an advertisement, ostensibly selling razor blades, that basically mocked and insulted their core customers. These trends continue, because the decision-makers in the business world are first filtered through the campus because of mandatory degree requirements. Profits are becoming secondary to those so indoctrinated. They aren’t selling burgers or grooming products, they’re selling salvation and religion. 

While Republicans strategize about economics, public policy, candidate quality, mail-in voting systems, and a host of other policy issues, the Left is busy doing real politics in schools, with your kids, at the border, on the TV, and within the military

This is why there is such a significant skew towards the Left among young people. From what they learn in school to what they absorb on TikTok, they are fully immersed in a steady stream of heavy-handed propaganda. The relentless messaging has an impact. 

In the recent midterm, two-thirds of Gen Z voted for Democrats. But with regard to their lifestyles, the results are even more dramatic. In one study, a total of 40 percent of Gen Z say they are LGBT. Over 1 percent claim to be transsexuals (300 percent higher than older cohorts). For Gen Z, 27 percent do not want kids, and more than half say they are not patriotic. …

Non-left types hope they’ll go away:

Normie conservatives are loath to talk about this. They consider noticing replacement immigration or socially engineered voting demographics to be déclassé and divisive. They think of themselves as above it all, dismissing campus antics as something people grow out of as they mature. …

Wishful thinking is not a strategy. The world is changing, and it is changing according to a plan. One side is conducting its “march through the institutions,” and the other side is mostly asleep, assuming their gated communities, pockets of normalcy, and occasional electoral victory will be allowed to continue. …

American conservatives believe in a limited politics. For us, the goal of political life is to create space and security for commerce, family life, private pursuits, and actual religion. Thus, conservative politics is prosaic, limited in scope, and rooted in a deep recognition of fallible man living in a fallen world. In short, it is fundamentally humble.

The Fabian logo was a wolf in sheep’s clothing

For the Left, by contrast, politics is the main event. It’s a high-minded affair that aims, ultimately, to eliminate injustice and save the world. It proposes to do this by transforming humanity into a superior kind of being through superior political conditions and indoctrination into correct beliefs.

Parasiting is a full time job. The rest of us just want to be left alone to get on with our lives.