Covid Updates

Covid Updates. By David Archibald.

Long covid is debilitating but presents as a combination of different symptoms. The common condition of all long covid cases is fatigue, which is likely due to microclots in the blood. All long covid cases have microclotting which makes the blood too viscous to pass easily through the smallest capillaries, with the consequence that the organs and muscles are starved of oxygen. A group in Germany has developed a test for microclots but it hasn’t been commercialized yet.

Treatment of covid is complicated by the fact that it is still too soon see the ultimate possible progression of the disease — a decline of CD4 levels in the manner of HIV, allowing opportunistic infections to overwhelm the immune system. It would be good to establish a base line for things like CD4 levels so that a trend, should it develop, be recognized as soon as practicable.

Live covid hides in your body:

Another problem in treating covid is that, as yet, there is no commercially available test for live covid virions. The public perception is that covid virions are eliminated from the body between bouts of covid. Autopsies of people of people who have died after covid have found covid virus in a number of organs up to 200 days after the infection. At one stage in the evolution in the virus, sampling of sewage found a high level of the Delta variant when the Omicron variant had displaced Delta completely from nasal swab samples. This implies that Delta had found a home in the gut lining, most likely the immunoprivileged gut-associated lymphatic tissue.

This has implications for a long covid treatment protocol. The persistence of fatigue in long covid suggests that the microclots are continually being formed by the ongoing viral load, offsetting the clot dissolution process.

Official retreat begins?

To reduce fatigue requires the use of a molecule that binds to the virus to inactivate it. … The name of that molecule? You will find it in this recent headline:



The FDA is now in full retreat on ivermectin because they are being sued over their recommendation. The internet is full of anecdotes of people’s lives being saved by it, such as this:

My 40 yr old healthy son was hospitalized with Covid and given Remdesivir, which led to kidneys shutting down. After 10 days on a ventilator, we got our hands on Ivermectin liquid and without the hospital knowing, gave it to him with a dropper 2x’s a day. 18 hrs later…Test results significantly improved, so much so that the nurses commented on never seeing a patient do such a remarkable turn around. I believe it saved his life.

We were desperate. Dr’s told us to prepare ourselves for the worst. The Ivermectin couldn’t harm him. It was our hail Mary. No one should be put in this situation. Ever. I’m still really angry.

One of the important sentences in the anecdote above is “The Ivermectin couldn’t harm him.” Ivermectin is a very benign molecule with a therapeutic window you could drive a truck through. Whereas paxlovid, for example, is limited to a five day course of treatment due to the damage it does to the kidneys. So why withhold something from the covid-afflicted, when it can’t harm them and might save them?


A standard blood test doesn’t pick up the changes caused by long covid. Many a long covid sufferer has been told that the lack of a blood test result means their problem is in their mind. So a specific panel of blood tests is necessary to guide treatment for long covid. To that end the following panel is proposed … [Read it all].

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