France coming under new ownership

France coming under new ownership. By Guy Millière.

The borders between France and other European countries are open and, like all the borders of Europe, porous. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants enter Europe illegally each year. Many head for France and stay there. They have been benefiting, since 2000, from financial aid and free medical care to which even poor French citizens do not have access.

Illegals driving out natives by rape, throat slitting, etc,:

If they are arrested, like Lola’s murderer, they are ordered to leave the country, but are not placed in a detention center so the order, never enforced, is not an order at all. In 2020, 107,500 orders to leave France were issued; fewer than 7% took place.

Illegal immigrants in France are the perpetrators of nearly half of crimes committed in the country, according to the recently published L’ordre nécessaire (“The Necessary Order”), by Didier Lallement, former chief of the Paris Police. Approximately 48% of all crimes committed in Paris in 2021, he notes, were committed by illegal immigrants. Murders almost as gruesome as Lola’s — most of which are committed by illegal immigrants — are committed nearly every day. No one even mentions them. The victims often have their throats slit. When the mainstream media report on the murders, they do not talk about slit throats. They say the victim was “stabbed in the neck.”

The French now live in a climate of generalized violence. Maurice Berger, a psychiatrist, speaks of “gratuitous violence”: violence for no other reason than the pleasure of committing it. He reports that in France, gratuitous violence resulting in injury or death happens, on average, every two minutes. France reports more than two hundred rapes a day. Berger, in Sur la violence gratuite en France (“On Gratuitous Violence in France”), notes that usually the assaults have a racist dimension: the victims are always white people, the aggressors are almost always Arabs or Africans — details omitted by the commentators. …

Whites are demoralized and leaving:

Many commentators say that the French population now expects the downfall of their country. They quote surveys, carried out year after year, which show that the French population is the world’s most pessimistic. An overwhelming majority of French people evidently think the future will be worse than the present. …

In L’archipel français (“The French Archipelago”), published in 2019, sociologist Jérome Fourquet writes of a French “collective nervous breakdown” and the “crumbling” of French society. He notes that the religious and historical moorings of the French people are disappearing: churches are empty, important moments in the country’s history are no longer taught in schools. He adds that France’s Muslim population, on the contrary, maintains its culture, customs and traditions, assimilates into French society less and less, and appears more and more filled with contempt and hatred for France, which many of them accuse of colonizing the Muslim world and exploiting Muslim workers. …

Speaking about a “great replacement” of the population in France is taboo. Anyone who does it is immediately demonized and described as a follower of conspiracy theories. But the numbers are clear. Former Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Pierre Lellouche recently said that “40% of children aged 0 to 4 are immigrants or of immigrant origin as of the last census”.

In addition to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants already in France, approximately 400,000 more immigrants from Africa and the Arab world enter France each year. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of French people emigrate from France annually. In 2018, the most recent year for which figures are available, 270,000 French people left. Over the past 20 years, the number of French people living abroad has increased by 52%.

Speaking about the 750 no-go zones (“zones urbaines sensibles”) growing on the outskirts of all France’s big cities, and ruled by Islamic gangs and radical imams, is also taboo.

Economically, France is in decline. French GDP has gone from fifth in the world in 1980 to tenth today, and GDP per capita has gone from fifth in the world to twenty-third during the same period. …

Reality versus spin:

France is among the European countries which impose the heaviest tax burden on its population (45.2% of GDP in 2022). France also has the highest level of public expenditure in the developed world (57.9% of GDP in 2022) — and an increasing share of public expenditure goes toward financial aid to immigrants, legal and illegal.

“We have one of the most generous social models in the world,” Macron said, “it is a strength“. …

The message is clear enough — get lost, whites:

The revolt of the “yellow vests,” originally over the rising cost of fuel, started in November 2018, and lasted until the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. … Since the “yellow vests” were not Muslim rioters, the security services under Macron reacted to their protests with violent repression: dozens of demonstrators lost an eye, a hand, a foot, or part of their brain function after a skull fracture.