Dangerous talk about women

Dangerous talk about women. By Frank Lee.

As I learn and think more about the decline in so many things related to Western life (societal, political, economic, etc.) I absolutely detest the fact that I find myself wondering if Muslim fundamentalist gender practices are more rooted in real sophisticated knowledge of the risks derived from increasing female system dominance.

Certainly it does not mean that all women are incapable of integrating with the common ethos of the productive who build and fix things while forging relationships and confronting interpersonal conflict directly. However, in my professional life experience it is an unavoidable conclusion that females are over-represented in greater struggles with cognitive behavior. It seems biological … a tendency toward stronger emotional reaction that clouds objective reasoning, and a related tendency to suffer more stress within an environment of necessary conflict.

In my significant corporate leadership experience I have developed a perspective that all people are different and thus all of them require a customized leadership approach; however, you start to see common traits over time… and female employees and board members in general require much more in depth nuance to address what is obvious stronger emotional turmoil with things that other employees much more easily cope with.

It is well known in the corporate leadership role that an office environment with a high female ratio will have much more “pecking order” turmoil. While the male employees are more likely to absorb and cope with changes that might appear to impact their hierarchical rank, change that upsets the ranking status quo for females requires a lot more counseling and careful implementation to prevent breakdowns in worker motivation and productivity. Again, this appears biological … men and women are different.

All of this makes me want to blame almost everything wrong today on the feminist movement. Because instead of advocating for societal changes that accept and honor these differences and the different needs of men and women, the feminist movement has been man-hating while demanding that women be considered to be the same or greater in capability than men.

I understand that in Norway, a county with some of the strongest women’s rights rules, educated women more often choose to have children and raise them over career. I wonder if that is the next wave (4th wave) of feminism that will help right the ship… young women starting to realize that the older feminists were wrong and just bitter malcontents that have really made everyone else more miserable… and that the correct way forward is for progress to accept gender difference and tool society to better accommodate them.

No, a stereotype that turns out to be true??! Yet another one!? Now that’s just crazy talk, according to the narrative people. Fighting and ignoring reality is the correct path, they say. And they would know, because they are experts who are paid more than you by the government.