WaPo Sheepishly Admits the FBI Found No Nuclear Secrets, or Anything Else, in Mar-a-Lago Raid

WaPo Sheepishly Admits the FBI Found No Nuclear Secrets, or Anything Else, in Mar-a-Lago Raid. By Kevin Downey.

Remember when the FBI raided Trump’s home supposedly looking for “nuclear secrets” a few months back? Guess how that turned out?


Federal agents and prosecutors have come to believe former president Donald Trump’s motive for allegedly taking and keeping classified documents was largely his ego and a desire to hold on to the materials as trophies or mementos, according to people familiar with the matter. …

That review has not found any apparent business advantage to the types of classified information in Trump’s possession, these people said. FBI interviews with witnesses so far, they said, also do not point to any nefarious effort by Trump to leverage, sell or use the government secrets.

Instead, the former president seemed motivated by a more basic desire not to give up what he believed was his property, these people said. …

Downey again:

In other words, Trump was keeping souvenirs, as everyone else does. …

Not only did the FBI not find any nuclear bomb codes, but they also found no evidence that Trump was looking to “leverage, sell or use the government secrets.”

So Trump wasn’t selling nuclear secrets on Craigslist after all. Who knew? Everyone. And that likely includes the Department of Justice and the FBI. …

The “Trump is selling nuclear secrets” lie is over. He kept a few tchotchkes from his four years serving as the greatest president in recent history. The nerve! …

Funny how WaPo sat on that story until after the midterms, right?

Majority Of GOP, Indy Voters View Trump Raid As Politically Motivated, Will Affect Midterms. From Aug 10.

53.9% of Independent voters believe Trump’ political enemies were behind the Monday raid while 35.3% believe it was impartial.

Nearly 77% of Republicans said Trump’s enemies were to blame while just 14.6% said it was an impartial justice system at work. Only 11.9% of Democrats believed it was politically motivated.

So typical of the last six years of US politics. Lies and shenanigans by the ruling class.