Russia Losing the Land Bridge to Crimea

Russia Losing the Land Bridge to Crimea. By Al Fin.

In the video below, Peter Zeihan explains how Russia is losing all supply routes to Crimea. What this means is that Russia is also losing all escape routes from Crimea, paving the way to a massive humanitarian tragedy for Russia. Until now, Russia had been forcing Ukrainian civilians to pay the humanitarian cost of the war, with hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian civilians killed and enslaved by Russia so far. Now the pendulum may be starting to swing.

After months of insisting that Russia is in ultimate control of the war, Peter Zeihan is now warning Putin that he should withdraw all troops from Crimea and from south Ukraine before Russia suffers irrevocable losses.



Russian forces continue to bombard civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, earning rebukes from around the world — even from communist China.

All of Russia’s neighbors hold long-standing serious grudges against Russia, and the time will soon come for them to collect on the multitude of debts that Russia owes. …

Unless the Russian regime wakes up and stops attacking civilian targets, these collateral damages will accrue against the Russian side of the ledger and Russia will eventually have to pay with blood, tears, and the most pitiful suffering imaginable for a very long time. Russia will not be forgiven, and it is losing the ability to intimidate with every passing day.

Perhaps the advent of collective security means the era of the bully is waning.