Covid in November

Covid in November. By David Archibald.

The Australian Government has given up on covid vaccination, and is conducting a staged retreat. It is now recommending booster shots only for those over 50, the same as Denmark.  Those under 30 will not be approved for further doses due to the risk of myocarditis. Myocarditis?  What does that remind us of? It reminds us that Ralph Baric, the evil genius behind covid, wrote a paper in 1992 with this title:

An Experimental Model for Myocarditis and Congestive Heart Failure after Rabbit Coronavirus Infection

To be clear, that research wasn’t directed at protecting rabbits from myocarditis. It was to make a spike protein that caused myocarditis — in another species. To quote a wit on Twitter: “The best thing about being a conspiracy theorist is not having myocarditis.”

As the slight protection from vaccination only lasts a few months at best before going negative, this is effectively the end of vaccination in attempting to control the disease.

And we do want to control the disease. A doctor on the east coast has reported:

I’m dealing with up to two or three long covid cases per day.  People’s lives are often crushed — even some young people. They sit in my surgery, crying their eyes out because they are so breathless and fatigued.

The chest X-rays of my patients who have had covid are alarmingly similar, with what’s referred to as “glass opacity” appearance. I don’t know if their lungs will recover but plenty of my patients have had to give up work, they’re so fatigued. Nasty business. 50% of those infected with covid don’t even know they’ve had it. For them, I suppose, covid is a damp squib but for the ones badly “long” affected, it’s a really big deal. …

If not vaccines:

Vaccination has failed as predicted, so what does that leave us with? It leaves us with non-pharmaceutical interventions and pharmaceuticals. The non-pharmaceutical interventions are masks and 222 nm UV lamps. To be effective, masks have to be N95 grade or better and fit well to be effective, as discussed in this German study. The surgical masks that most people wear are next to useless.

If we had to rely upon mask-wearing to protect us from covid, our species would be doomed. Fortunately there is another system that will protect us from all airborne pathogens: UV lamps at 222 nm. UV lamps have been used for disinfection for decades but at the 254 nm wavelength which causes skin and eye damage. UV at 222 nm avoids that while being more efficient at killing bacteria and viruses. From a Boeing report on the technology:

All cell walls are made from protein and far-UV wavelengths between 200 and 230 nm interact strongly with proteins. Multiple university studies have demonstrated that 222 nm light typically will not penetrate deeper than three microns into the surface of a cell wall. In the case of pathogen microbes, their diameter is typically 0.1 to 1 micron. Thus, they are fully penetrated and destroyed. Human cells, in contrast, are generally more than 40 microns in diameter and are not fully penetrated by 222 nm UV light. These studies have shown that the outer layer of the skin and the tear layer of the eyes form a protein shield for the cells beneath.

This graphic from a lamp manufacturer shows the time versus distance relationship for full sterilization using 20 watt power consumption:


At two meters it will take six minutes for full sterilization of the air. Surface disinfection takes about 60% longer. Eventually a good part of our waking lives will be spent under such lamps.

Read it all. Ivermectin, quercetin, vitamin D, of course.