Australia’s ABC: Norman Swan apologises for Covid tie to Kimberley Kitching and Shane Warne deaths

Australia’s ABC: Norman Swan apologises for Covid tie to Kimberley Kitching and Shane Warne deaths.

First, what Norman Swan said (Michael Traill):

The national broadcaster’s health expert Norman Swan said Shane Warne’s COVID infection could have “tipped him over the edge” before his fatal heart attack in Thailand.

Dr Swan, the ABC’s Health Report presenter, on Monday linked contracting the virus to a greater risk of heart attacks.

Warne died from a heart attack on March 4, weeks after he suffered a mild infection of the virus.

“It is being reported around the world that COVID causes inflammation in the arteries of the heart,” Dr Swan told the Daily Mail.

“Shane Warne had lots of risk factors for heart disease, but if he was going to get a bit of extra inflammation from covid, that could have tipped him over the edge.”

Dr Swan also suggested the sudden death of 52-year-old Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching could have been linked to her corona virus infection.

The Victoria Senator died of a suspected heart attack on March 10 after returning a positive test in December.

Dr Swan argued people who contracted the virus had “between 30 per cent and 50 per cent higher of having a heart attack”.

Now, the apology (Amanda Meade):

The ABC broadcaster Norman Swan has apologised to the late Kimberley Kitching’s family for saying on ABC News the Labor senator’s death may have been linked to Covid-19. …

“I 100% accept that I got it wrong,” Swan told Guardian Australia. “And no matter what the context I can’t escape the fact that I hurt the family and I apologise for that and feel terrible about it.” …

The co-host of the ABC’s Coronacast podcast is seen as a trusted voice on the pandemic and has been a health broadcaster for 30 years.

But did Senator Kitching even have covid? (Owen Leonard)

Dr Swan on Tuesday morning told ABC News both heart-­related deaths likely came as a by-product of Covid infection, despite Senator Kitching having never tested positive to the virus.

“It’s too much of a coincidence that Shane Warne and the Labor senator in Victoria died not long after a Covid infection, and ­people are reporting sudden death after Covid infection. It’s not benign,” he said …

Senator Kitching’s family also had no knowledge of her ever coming into contact with Covid.

This is curious. Why now? At the time of their deaths, the ABC and the other narrative people stoutly ignored the possibility that these deaths had anything to do with covid. But now the narrative people are deciding to acknowledge the many “unexpected deaths”?

Three possibilities jump to mind:

  1. The ABC is telling us that covid is very dangerous and we should take it (and their expert, Norman Swan) more seriously and support more lockdown measures e.g. masks.
  2. It’s a propaganda ploy, to blame the excess deaths that continue to occur in undeniably large numbers on covid rather than on the vaccines. On no, don’t blame us for pushing vaccines, no sir!
  3. They are preparing us for the dreadful news that the vaccines were a mistake of some kind. After all, it’s the covid spike that’s so dangerous, and both an mRNA vaccine and covid fills us with the spike.

Notice too how that narrative has gone from demonizing those of us who pointed out that covid almost certainly came out of a biowarfare lab in Wuhan, to general acceptance. But despite that backflip, the obviously corollaries are not being mentioned:

  • Who was responsible? Presumably the Chinese Government, but they might have been patsies and the real mischief came from mad western scientists doing illegal gain-of-function research (Fauci and co) in China and Ukraine.
  • The initial release from the lab might have been accidental, but the Chinese Government deliberately infected the whole world by only allowing Wuhan residents to flee on international air flights. No international inquiry, laying of blame, or shaming of China. Why won’t the WEF crowd and the media hold China responsible for at least this part? Perhaps because the Chinese thought it was the fault of western meddling in their lab, so they paid us back?
  • Was it deliberate, and will there therefore be more acts of biological war? Shouldn’t we be making preparations to close our borders the instant another biological threat appears?
  • Do the Chinese know something about the HIV and other things that apparently went into covid, and that’s why they are locking down so hard in China?

It’s as if there is a debate going on, but like all policy debate nowadays it occurs mainly behind closed doors in the bureaucracy, and we only hear snippets or the conclusion in the media. Of course, in a democracy, policy debates are supposed to occur in Parliament and the media, but that’s not how the new ruling class operates.

hat-tip Joanne