Wake Up, Republicans

Wake Up, Republicans. By Sarah Hoyt.

But in the end it’s the fraud.

Look, guys, if you believe the guys who support and fight like rabid weasels to keep: vote harvesting, vote by mail, same day registration, no id, not-secure machine voting, etc. etc. aren’t commuting fraud I commend you for your sparkling shiny souls and beg you — with tears in my eyes — please grow up. You’re going to get us all killed.

Still hesitant. Sure. Repeat after me: “President Biden is so great he got the most votes in American history, and lost the fewest seats in a first midterm. Obama was holding him back all these years.”

If you can repeat that without laughing or seeing the absurdity of it, you’re either insane or you’ve been on a bender since election day and need to dry out now. Because I refuse to change my name to Cassandra, and I’m getting tired of this shouting in the desert thing.