Dan Andrews Runs Victoria Like a One-Company Town

Dan Andrews Runs Victoria Like a One-Company Town. By Sophie Elsworth.

Sky News Australia presenter Peta Credlin, … a former chief of staff to Liberal prime minister Tony Abbott, said the one-hour documentary delves into the comprehensive stranglehold Andrews has on Victoria that has seen his power spread throughout the state’s key institutions and is something that is seen nowhere else in Australia.

“There’s not enough scrutiny of the government, there’s not enough integrity inside the government and there is concern about the appointments to the public service and institutions,” Credlin said.

“In Victoria when those organisations are stacked full of the premier’s mates they can’t do their job by the very fact of who these appointments are, Victoria Police and WorkSafe Victoria are two good examples.”

Andrews is facing four, possibly five, independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission investigations but despite this the Labor leader, according to the polls, is on track to be re-elected for a third term at the state’s November 26 election. …

3AW broadcaster Neil Mitchell — who has been denied an interview with the premier for about six years — told Credlin: “I’ve never seen a worse government, I don’t reckon in 50 years of journalism, haven’t seen a worse government”.

Credlin is also critical of the Victorian media and said too often the Premier escaped serious scrutiny and had the ability to bypass the press gallery with ease. “They’ll ask one question, maybe a follow up question but they don’t pursue an issue,” she said. …

Credlin said when it was first revealed she was compiling a documentary on Daniel Andrews she received many calls from disgruntled Labor figures willing to speak up about their dealings with the Victorian premier.

The demise of manufacturing in Australia was concentrated in Victoria. It turned Victoria into something of a one-company town — where the “company” is the government. Enter Dan Andrews, elected leader who then appointed his mates to many key positions. Few dare criticize him, because you won’t do well in his one-company town if he doesn’t like you. Too many decision makers rely on government favor to get ahead, so they go with Andrews.