Exit Polls: 70 Percent of Unmarried Women Voted for Democrats

Exit Polls: 70 Percent of Unmarried Women Voted for Democrats. By Eric Lendrum.

Meanwhile, Republicans saw married men vote for them over Democrats by a 20-point margin, and single men chose Republicans by a 7-point margin.

Several conservative commentators pointed out that the stark contrast between married women and single women’s political affiliations appear to support the crucial role that family plays in determining one’s values and ideals. Although the marriage rate in the 1950s was at its highest levels ever, those numbers have since dropped over the last 70 years by 50 percent. …

The Federalist‘s Mollie Hemingway tweeted that “one of the fascinating things about our ongoing political realignment is the massive political incentive Democrats have to keep women unmarried.”

“The welfare state has incentivized women to marry the government, and men to abandon their financial responsibilities,” said Larry Elder …

Inez Stepman, senior policy analyst for the International Women’s Forum, said that the combination of unmarried status and the rise of younger voters will spell certain disaster for the country.

“On the right, we love to mock and complain about this, but Millennials will have the highest proportion of unmarried and childless women hitting 40, probably in all of human history,” Stepman said on Twitter. “And they will vote to ruin your life.

Nearly twenty years ago, Steve Sailer noticed that the gender gap was really a marriage gap. Stats from 2022 exit polls, on voting Republican:

  • Married men 59%
  • Married women 56%
  • Unmarried men 52%
  • Unmarried women 31%  <– Outlier! Wow!


  • White men: 63%
  • White women: 53%
  • Black men: 17%
  • Black women 10%  <– Outlier! Wow!
  • Latino men: 45%
  • Latina women: 33%