Trump is now an albatross around Republican necks — Pass the torch to Ron DeSantis to save the America First movement

Trump is now an albatross around Republican necks — Pass the torch to Ron DeSantis to save the America First movement. By Christian Whitton, who was a senior advisor for strategic communications in the Trump State Department and an advisor to the Trump presidential transition team.

If former President Donald Trump is truly willing to put America first, he won’t run for president in 2024.

I write this as someone who admires Trump greatly, and who served on his presidential transition and in his administration.

I supported Trump wholeheartedly in the 2016 general election, and was an enthusiastic booster of his policies after I left the administration.

I was grateful for the economic revival Trump delivered before the world was upended by COVID. He changed the debate over trade policy, especially with China, beat ISIS, cut taxes, and nominated three people to the Supreme Court who believe the Constitution actually means what it says.

He changed the debate over illegal immigration and gave voice to Americans left behind by globalization.

Beyond that he redefined the Republican Party, essentially creating a New Right that is more appealing to blue collar workers and minorities, and no longer beholden to Wall Street.

Then he taught that movement how to fight, refusing to allow the propaganda media to set the rules of politics.

In his inaugural address, when he said, ‘This American carnage stops right here and stops right now,’ the mainstream media scoffed. They had no idea what he was talking about, but millions of Americans did. And we thank him for that.

The present:

But despite these accomplishments, Trump’s time has past.

If he cares about the political movement he founded, he’ll pass the torch to a new generation of conservatives, who are ready to lead — now.

There are many reasons for Trump to step aside, but the most glaring is the lackluster performance of Republicans in Tuesday’s midterm elections. …

Beyond some bad candidates, the stink of Trump pervaded nationally.

Democrats successfully goaded him to indulge his fixation on irregularities in the 2020 election, and pushed many other Republican candidates, who felt compelled to echo Trump’s musing, onto this unfavorable debate ground.

He has become an albatross around the neck of much of the party.

After Tuesday’s election, Trump continued the delusion.

He wrote that the election was ‘A GREAT EVENING’ and added that it was an ‘Amazing job by some really fantastic candidates!’

The reality is that Trump’s time has come and gone, and that he is a liability to his party and himself.

We cannot start with a candidate hated by most of the country and who is clearly putting personal redemption and preservation ahead of his party and country. …

The future:

DeSantis has all of the upside of Trump without the baggage: he won over many independents and Democrats with an unapologetic record of economic growth and fighting woke radicalism.

DeSantis also knows how to talk past the progressive media in his state to reach voters directly, which is essential for any national Republican.

And at 44, he is member of Generation X, whose time it is to take the reins from the Boomer gerontocracy in Washington.

To those who say DeSantis is not ready or that he should wait his turn, I say: you’re wrong.

Politics is about timing. And DeSantis’ time is now as his star is rising.

Republicans can win with someone like DeSantis, but would lose with Trump, who could also face humiliation in the Republican primaries.

Thank you for your service, Donald. Your place in history is secure…if you retire now.

It’s about the movement, the class and their interests, not the man.