There WOULD Have Been a Red Wave, except for the newly indoctrinated

There WOULD Have Been a Red Wave, except for the newly indoctrinated. By Robert Spencer.

What he is crowing about is the apparent fact that the voting group with the least life experience and the most recent subjection to the Leftist indoctrination that dominates America’s educational system ended up voting as it was brainwashed to do.

What it shows is not that the Leftist case is compelling or persuasive; it shows that patriotic Americans have been far too complacent in allowing public schools to become centers of Leftist indoctrination and hatred of our own nation and heritage. …

Many, if not most, of the Gen Z-ers who voted overwhelmingly for the Left will, as they get older, come to realize how foolish and wrongheaded they were to support socialist internationalism and the managed decline of the United States. But others will never wake up, and will applaud that decline as retribution for centuries of alleged racism and colonialism. Even as their own cities and towns become ever more squalid, poor, dirty, and dangerous, they will continue to think of themselves as righteous for having chosen all that.

That’s hard evidence for the effectiveness of the government-run (i.e. left-run) education system at turning kids left. The lesson for non-left people is obvious: reform the education system. School vouchers would seem to be the answer.

Also, the younger generation is far less white than the older generations.

Don’t let them indoctrinate our kids.