After last night, we’re jumping into the deep end of the pool.

After last night, we’re jumping into the deep end of the pool. By The Mallard Reborn.

The damage is probably already irreversible at this point. The D’s staved off what should have been a bloodbath through the youth vote. The boomers and Xers can no longer counterbalance the pozzed generations electorally. …

Many of us had been hoping that there was some kind of positive/neutral world revival in the works; that maybe a return to better days was happening. Nope, it is negative world good and hard for the foreseeable future on a national level. …

Vast numbers of older Americans wanted the trappings of Norman Rockwell America, but with sexual liberation. Now that their own libidos have cooled, they are voting for the former, but their own actions created new generations that will vote against it …

They incoherently wanted this but with divorce, cohabitation, and free love. Their grandkids think this is fascism and want elective mastectomies.

Our ancestors placed massive hedges around sex because they knew it was incredibly potent. When channeled rightly it will build great civilizations, when left uncontained it will raze them. For generations, people rode promises to tear down the hedges into office. Now we pay.

It seems unlikely we will be able to stop what is happening, but the regime will eventually collapse under its own bloat and idiocy. Fight it where you can, dig in to endure it, be ready to replace it when the time comes. …

Global fertility is barely above replacement, with the West and the East Asian nations well below it. The regime may collapse faster than some of you think.

Not the Bee:

The logic is simple.

The Americans of the second half of the 20th century wanted an idyllic, moral, beautiful society as seen in a Norman Rockwell painting.

But they also wanted the sexual revolution.

Now that these Americans are getting older, many are trying to pump the brakes on the things they started.

For decades, I’ve been hearing people warn about what was going to happen in America if divorce and promiscuity was the norm, and if feelings and experiences were more important than facts and responsibility. If something had been done about it 20 years ago, maybe America would have stood a chance.

It’s too late. We are about to reap what we’ve sown — not just since Obama became president, not since Big Tech took over, not since Justin Trudeau put on blackface — but since at least the 1950s, with roots stretching back to the Enlightenment and beyond.

I know most of you reading this were not even alive when the seeds of our destruction were planted.

And yet, such is the cycle of history.

The Roman Republic overthrew the kings in 509 BC. For nearly 500 years, it flourished. Inevitably, it became an empire that was corrupt and hedonistic to the core. That empire burned brightly, but it fizzled out within several hundred years despite being the only major power of its time. The only thing that survived it is the Christian Church.

Therein you have your recipe for outlasting the decline. Sowing the seeds for a new future begins now.

hat-tip Stephen Neil