Today’s Democrats and Republicans

Today’s Democrats and Republicans. By Steve Sailer.

As the Great Replacement proceeds, the Democrats have shifted, without even noticing it, from being the party of minority rights against the suffocating majority to the majoritarian “our democracy” party.

The downside for the Democrats of being the party of diversity is that diversity is divisive. The Democrats, having assembled a coalition of the fringes of American society, such as blacks, transgenders, lesbians, immigrants, the alienated, and so forth, must constantly deal with spats among their constituents, who are endlessly jockeying to be at the top of the totem pole of victimization.

So far, the main solution Democrats have come up with to hold their coalition of the margins together is to demonize core Americans as the joint enemy.

Not surprisingly, this tsunami of racist and sexist hate has increasingly alienated core Americans and the many who admire and identify with the Founding Fathers.

What do I mean by “core Americans”?

One way to phrase it: The more likely you are to have an ancestor’s statue torn down by a woke mob, the more likely you are to be defamed by Democrats, and thus to vote GOP. Or, the more your standard demographic identity checklist (race, sex, marital status, homeownership, etc.) resembles, say, George Washington’s, the more likely you are to register Republican.

The Democrats often shoot themselves in the foot because the logic of their rhetoric causes them to valorize the most troublesome elements of their unwieldy coalition. Thus, in this decade, the two big winners in the internal struggle among the Democrats’ coalition of the marginalized have been the most crime-prone, blacks, and the most crazy, the transgender. …

A couple of years ago Christopher Rufo finally solved the problem of how to talk about growing antiwhite defamation without mentioning antiwhite defamation, which the media won’t allow and with which most moderate and conservative whites are uncomfortable anyway: use the academic label “critical race theory.”

That’s why the most controversial statement in today’s America is “it’s ok to be white.”

There is a psychological divide as well. Among whites, Republicans tend to be people who feel grateful to be Americans, while Democrats tend to be those who feel guilty.