Initial Assessment of the US Midterms

Initial Assessment of the US Midterms. By Scott of the Pacific, in California.

We’re having a “Red Ripple”. The Republicans will win the House by something like 20 plus seats. The Senate is now a toss up from an original prediction of a slight Republican gain.

The STEAL is definitely on in “key areas”. They are not going full bore, but a selective steal.

Arizona: There is NO WAY Kari Lake could lose, but they may try and make a statement, like “Guess who’s really running the show”. I won’t say that for the other major candidates in Arizona, all of whom should win. But if Lake loses, it’s a “we stole it and chew on it” statement.

The Philly “steal” will likely put Fetterman over the top. No way Dr. Oz should lose the Senate seat in Pennsylvania — no one could vote for a a vegetable. But with half the vote in, Oz trails by about a point. The moment Fetterman’s inaugurated, they’ll have him resign for health reasons and the new Democrat Governor, will likely appoint Fetterman’s wife to the job.

I’m sorry to say, that I think the “selective steal” was definitely in play here. More computer malfunctions, endless counting, etc. We’re a full on Banana Ex-Republic.

To say the least, I’m beyond dismayed…….

The good news is, DeSantis was unstoppable. He ran against a cut out fool which made it much easier.

Trump will announce he’s running on November 14th or 15th, and the divisions will get wider and deeper.