Blood Moon Bloodbath, Red Whimper

Blood moon bloodbath. By Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit. The US right is disappointed:

In a normal time, in a normal country, voters would reject record gas prices, record inflation, record crime rates, war and corruption.

But not today.

Once again, Democrats proved they can survive anything as long as they have their fraud.

Americans reject every single dish the Democrats served. Yet, Democrats shocked Americans on Tuesday to win the US Senate, steal battleground states, and possibly keep the US Congress in Nancy Pelosi’s control ...

Republicans dominated in states like Florida and Ohio, states Democrats have not yet stolen with their mail-in ballots, bloated voter rolls, ballot trafficking and manufacturing operations. …

But Democrat John Fetterman … won in Pennsylvania. … And in Arizona, a red state, we are supposed to believe Kari Lake and Blake Masters are going to lose? …

California and New York proved to America that once the communists take control there is no going back — to civility. …

Republicans believed they would have a great midterm. They forgot that America is now under the control of the Communists.

The Red Whimper“. By Kevin Robillard at HuffPo. The left is pretty happy, but aren’t quite sure of why it happened. Just lucky, maybe?

A single number can sum up how election night has gone for Democrats: Two.

That’s how many of the party’s incumbents at the House, Senate or gubernatorial levels had lost reelection as of early Tuesday morning. Rep. Elaine Luria, a moderate who represents military-heavy Virginia Beach, Virginia, had fallen to a state Republican lawmaker. And scandal-plagued Rep. Tom Malinowski had lost in New Jersey.

The anticipated red wave of 2022 looks more like the wake generated by a medium-sized fishing boat.

Right now the House still looks likely to enter GOP control, which would be enough for the party to claim victory. But its majority could be small enough that GOP leader Kevin McCarthy would struggle to pass almost any legislation. It remains possible Republicans will not defeat a single Democratic Senate or gubernatorial incumbent and that Democrats could actually add seats in the Senate.

The extent to which Democrats will defy political history is still up in the air: Millions of votes remain to be counted in the coming days, many in key states like Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona.

And the reasons why they defied political history seem just as elusive: Abortion rights clearly paid a massive role, but were voters not as worried about crime as surveys made it seem? Was the GOP’s advantage on the economy smaller than it looked at first glance? Did President Joe Biden’s warnings about the threat Republicans posed to democracy go further with voters than anticipated?

That’s not the reason the right are giving.

While inflation was the No. 1 issue for a 31% plurality of voters, abortion rights was second, with 27% naming it as the most important issue. The gap between the two issues in most pre-election surveys was much larger.

And the advantage Democrats had on abortion rights was larger than the edge Republicans had on inflation: 71% of voters who named inflation as their top issue voted Republican, while 76% of voters who named abortion rights voted Democratic.

Trump’s picks did poorly:

Trump endorsed nearly 40 candidates who won their primaries and advanced to the general election. In many cases, Trump went against the wishes of party leaders and picked candidates he felt were the most loyal to him. There were generally stronger GOP alternatives than the candidates Trump chose.

It’s clear, though, that Trump-endorsed candidates — who generally came with baggage and extreme positions — weren’t the runaway winners of the night. …

DeSantis looking good:

Republicans absolutely romped in Florida, with Gov. Ron DeSantis defeating Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist by a whopping 20 percentage points, and Sen. Marco Rubio defeating Rep. Val Demings by 16 percentage points. …

DeSantis’ huge win, coupled with the struggles for Trump-endorsed candidates elsewhere, has already prompted the governor’s many, many fans in the conservative media complex to proclaim him one of the bigger winners of this year’s election cycle. And it’s difficult to argue that they’re wrong.

But it’s also worth noting that Democrats barely contested the state.